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    Lookinig for a used gen 2 aem stand alone fuel system...anyone ?

    I have 2 I'd be willing to part with.
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    looking for datalogger to logg oil pressure on track.

    Look at the AEM AQ-1 data logger. For the money it's hard to beat.
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    ATTN: Fan Relay melting issue - possible fix (pictures & instructions)

    Julio, don't use that. Use a SSR instead. You can get a 100amp SSR for about $15.00
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    Air temperature vs horsepower anyone how to calculate this?

    There are many factors to consider here. For "just" the air difference you can use PV=nRT equation to find the differences in the air. You also need to know if or what the IAT correction is in the ecu or program in the ecu that you are running. This can have as great or greater impact as the air...
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    Anyone using a wastegate or 10lb pulley with their Paxton and a stock motor?

    Water injection would help with the IAT's but you still have the added hp loss from driving the blower faster. A 50% methanol/water mix would be better that just water if your inclined to try it. Turbos are the better solution in my opinion.
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    Anyone using a wastegate or 10lb pulley with their Paxton and a stock motor?

    This works fine. The only issues to deal with are the increased IAT's from compressing the air more over you baseline boost. The other issue is you'll have more hp loss from running the supercharger harder. On pump gas you'll see boost sooner but you will make less hp at your target boost...
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    Side Sill Fasteners Stripped - "Nutsert" Machine ***** Mod

    I use 5/16" nutserts. Simple to install open the holes a bit with a drill and use the nutsert tool to install. 10min. job.
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    SCT Tuning

    Pectel is a great option also.
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    Gen III N/A -vs- SC build

    Here is my Stock motor gen3 with my TT system.
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    air ride anyone???

    Again, I installed a ridetech system on my gen 3 in 2010. It sucked..BAD. Don't waste your time.
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    AEM vs SCT

    AEM has intermittent hardware issues. You may get lucky and not have any problems, but you may have problems. I've had problems with the IAC circuit, the charging circuit, the injectors and grounding problems. This was on different AEM's not on one unit. I've also had a few that never gave a...
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    Cracked headers / manifolds

    At the collector point before the 90 turn for the exit.
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    MOTON height change per adjustment nut revolution question

    One full revolution will give around 1/16" of an inch.
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    Lower Radiator Hose

    Very easy. Remove the front composite belly pan, 4 torx plus screws and about 10 SM screws. Inspect hose on the passenger side.
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    air ride anyone???

    I've done ridetech, moton and KW. Stay away from ridetech or any air suspension on a viper. KW's are good for the street and Motons are my personal choice.

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