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    Throttle 'hang"

    I've got a 14 and never had a problem. I bet an HPtune would fix it ++ more hp.
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    fender/mud guard for gen 5 ??

    Clear bra the rockers, for starters. also.. bumper, hood, mirrors, door handles & behind rear tires.. Clear-Pro Elite is awesome!
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    2010 ACRX Chassis #42, as low as $75k

    pic's, mileage, documentation..
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    Winding Road Article - Driven: 2014 SRT Viper TA - Great Review

    ^^^^Hellcat's numbers to trump the Viper.. Not a chance! Less hp more weight..
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    headers with stock mufflers vs headers with corsa

    I've had my 14 SRT for 3 months & looking to do the same(headers/hi flows & stock mufflers). I'm leaning towards Belanger as I like the lower tq gains as well. also still looking for a clear bra that can cover the hood in one piece?
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    Gen V Seat Wear?

    455 miles, srt with leather seat option. been in/out 25 times looks perfect. in 45 miles it will be time to go through the gears at 6k+ rpm. hopefully i won't stain the seat(thinking about putting a towel down)..
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    Thinking 373!!!!

    1KoolAsp 14TA, haha.. I've been thinking the same! I have a Silver 14 SRT & the first gear seems to be a pain in the ***(Way to tall)... 3.73 might be the answer. I would to like see some ET times from 0 to 60 & 1/4M pulls?. Also, waiting to see from Woodhouse some dyno pulls on the exhaust...
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    Dealer Cash Time On The Gen 5

    thanks for the info Bobpantax.. do you know the count on the 14's?
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    So tell me about the seat screws that can be taken out to allow more headroom?

    i'm 6'-1" 210lbs I fit very comfy in my 2014 srt. what I did was move the seat forward 2 notches from full extension and then recline the seat back to the max. plenty of room. hope this helps!
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    OUTSTANDING! My Silver SRT is heading down the line.. As soon as I get a completion/delivery from SRT or my dealer. I'm calling!
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    Does anybody have the part # for the Gen V, GTS door sill? I want the longer one's for my SRT, not the Gen IV one's. thanks
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    Pass on your support for the Gen V and its team to Ralph Gilles

    Congrats Bruce! Looks like yours will be finished. Hopefully my silver SRT will be completed before 4/11. fingers/toes crossed.