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    Next month, Star Racing and G2 Motorsports will be having a motorcycle and car show at U.S. 19 Dragway in Albany Georgia. They will be selling raffle tickets for a 113" Polished S&S Cycles V-Twin engine! WOW! The show and raffle are benefits to help aid long time Star Racing employee Ken...
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    SoCal rollover ???

    Just got a phone call from a client who saw a wadded up silver SRT on the toll road. He said it looked as if it rolled. That's all we know. dj
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    evil SRT-what do you think?

    Vehicle is lowered with Moton dampers and Eibach springs. Wheels are CCW 19" 20% shine black powder coat. The black inlays are paint. We've made the hood inlay in vinyl and are finishing up the final piece. They will be available shorlty in just about any color. If all goes as planned, the...
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    evil SRT-what do you think?

    rear fascia debri guard wheels were lighter shade
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    evil SRT-what do you think?

    I wasn't too sure how the rear would look after paint, but I think it turned out ok. We also installed our debri guard in the rear fascia, unfortunatly it's not visable. I'll shoot another pic showing it. Thanks to Tony and Trinh for teaching this dumb ol' hillbilly redneck from Ohio how to...
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    Have This Happen To Your Viper

    It's uncommon but sometimes it happens. Usually it's a gauge accuracy issue instead if fuel issue when replacing pump modules. Make sure not to run the car consistantly low on fuel.(<1/4 ) Fuel pumps build less heat and wear if they are in nice cool fuel. dj
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    A couple of questions from a new Viper owner

    Thanks big dog! That email is totally wrong. Maybe that's why I don't get club emails?? [email protected] Why don't you cruise up to Willow with us on Saturday? dj
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    OC SoCal drive to Willow Saturday

    The San Diego guys are going up the 15 to the 138. We're going up the 5 to the
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    OC SoCal drive to Willow Saturday

    A few of us are going to meet and head up to the Viper Days race this Saturday. If anyone else wants to go, please feel free to meet us at the Denny's resturant at Alicia Parkway and the 5 freeway. The resturant is on the east side of the freeway before the first traffic light. Please be gassed...
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    Viper invasion of Crystal Cove...

    73 north exit at Newport Coast. Turn left on NC heading south until it deadends at PCH and turn left. Take PCH south about 1-2 miles and shopping center is on the left directly across from Crystal Cove state beach. You'll see the sign for CC beach on your right. I should be there, hope everyone...
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    Thanks to Dan, Chris, Tony and Kim for a great event. I wish I could have stayed to see Hugh's monster on the dyno. My Viper wasn't dyno worthy, so we ran my 2000 C5. With B+B catback only, even a stock air filter, it pulled 315 with an auto trans. dj
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    Power gain with AEM tunning (light mod car)

    I could be wrong, but the '96 RT's were a JTEC not an SBEC. Not sure if it will work though on the early style. Are you going to make a pull at DC on Saturday Russ ? dj
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    Vacuum pump tech; free up that hidden horsepower

    Re: Vacuum pump tech; free up that hidden horsepower The hard data is all the trophies on the shelves in GB3's barn. You and Chip comin' to Pamona ? dj
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    SoCal - Irvine, CA: Saleen Car Show Sept 18th, 2004

    Re: SoCal - Irvine, CA: Saleen Car Show Sept 18th, 2004 You coming down Leonard? We'll probably leave CC and head to Saleen around 8:30. Jones still got his car? Get him to come??? See you Saturday, dj.