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    Looking for gameroom photos with a Viper theme

    Looks like it is actually for sale right now.
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    my RT/10 attacked by tire retread... grr

    Bump due to a year later :)
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    Looking for gameroom photos with a Viper theme

    Does anyone remember the black RT/10 with front end damage that they turned into a racing game station after cutting everything forward of the bulkhead off? Am trying to look for the topic about it but can not seem to find it with the search feature.
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    A big thanks, but also a goodbye...

    This guy does need to get in a '08-'10 ACR, someone make him a deal :)
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    The similarity to the Gen 3/4 frame should (hopefully) indeed make it relatively easy as the needed rigidity is already there in the frame. The question is were the convertable frame brackets omitted in design and construction? Does SRT prefer not to take this route because they feel it is a...
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    How were the new magazines

    E-mail sent to Angela, let's see what happens.
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    If a 94 gets stuck in the snow...

    Well snow tires were indeed available on the front wheels so this guy has no excuse to not just dig it out and drive home.
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    Keepin 95 Alive Build

    Are you going to bond them smooth or will they be recessed like with the actual gen 2 hood? On the cup holders, not only no but **** NO. If you have to have them make some kind of frame that slides behind the radio/cd player like a phone holder would, that makes it more easily reversible.
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    If you are thinking RT/10-ish sportsbar with an easily stowable Jeff Lemke style hardtop that still leaves sufficient headroom (you could stow it where normally the convertable top folds into) that is a golden combination.
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    LeMans 24h special edition

    Didn't they do a limited run of this car just like the Ram SRT-10 trucks with the same paint scheme?
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    Magazines Shipped

    International subscriber still without magazines here.
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    Pics of the Viper and WWII Hangar

    Arizona plate, has to be Davis-Monthan.
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    Photos - Gen V with Xtreme Supercars aero package.

    What variant of the 3M tape did you use and did it require applicator pads to activate the adhesive? I tried 3M tape with red foil for a dash part on my restoration project but the center bit seems to be lifting back off just a bit. The trim part being press fit instead of flush fitment may have...