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    Car Events

    I am a new member with a 2000 Viper GTS. Is there a posting for the North/Central Region Car events? Anyone planning to go to the 5th Avenue Car Show in Naples (15 Feb) or the Daytona Celebration Exotic Car Festival in April? I live just south of Sarasota in ***** Gorda, Florida. Thanks- John:)
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    relocating member

    Cathy, I am also a new member and live in ***** Gorda just North of Fort Myers. Would like to get information on events for the Central/North Florida group. Will anyone be going to the 5th Avenue Car Show in Naples (Feb 15) or the Celebration Exotic Cart Festival in April? Thanks-John
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    Viper Production Numbers

    I have found more detailed information by going directly to Dodge concerning the options, codes and build dates. They were quite helpful in providing a print out with specific data on my 2000 Viper GTS. They actually called me to follow up with getting information from me on my address, date of...
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    Viper Production Numbers

    Thanks for the help.
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    Celebration Exotic Car Festival

    Does the North/Central region plan to have any Vipers participate in the Daytona Exotic Car Festival in April? Any interest putting a group together for the concourse/track days?:)
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    Viper Production Numbers

    Is there a source that lists the number of Vipers produced by year, model, options, colors?
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    Looking to Buy a House in Florida

    Check out ***** Gorda, Florida. It is about 100 miles south of Tampa on Charlotte Harbor (second largest bay in Florida). Absolutely, beautiful place and relatively a great value for the properties. I live here now having moved from Kansas City. Check out the Website and if seriously interested...
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    Gen 2 parts for sale

    Do you still have the GTS car cover? Thanks-John
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    5th Avenue Car Show February 16th Naples Florida

    Is the club going to have a place to display our cars? I have a Viper GTS and live north of Fort Meyers. Would be nice to have some Vipers on 5th Avenue for the car show. If the club is planning to attend, is there a process to register to show our cars? Any information would be appreciated...