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    Whose SSG ACR wrecked in Ohio today?

    Glad you are OK Tim! Sorry about your car though, that *****.
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    Help! Broke 2 wheel studs

    That's what happened to mine as well but I haven't had one sieze up since I started using antisieze.
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    Help! Broke 2 wheel studs

    I've broken a couple of studs and I keep spares in the trailer now. It will help if you use anti-sieze on the studs and then torque to 100 ft-lbs.
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    My lucky day.

    Same thing happened to me the other day on the track. The shifter just broke in half similar to yours. Unfortunately I was in the middle of a downshift at the end of the back straight at Mid Ohio. The transmission ended up in neutral and I was lucky enough to coast to a stop safely behind a...
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    Gen 2 to Gen 4 Engine Modification

    Looking good Sam! Ive seen that dyno b4...
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    Do you get asked "How much did you pay?"

    I always get the question "How fast have you had it up to?". I tell them "around 160mph at VIR, but the car is terribly underpowered."
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    Gen III oiling issues

    I havent compared it to other Vipers but after I installed the swing arm pickup the pressure is 60-65 cold and 50-55 hot on track. It no longer swings wildly like in the video.
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    Gen III oiling issues

    Here is a video that I took a few years ago at Mid-Ohio showing the issue. When I saw this I immediately parked the car and purchased the Gen 4 swing arm pickup and pan. After the installation the pressure stays up even in the left hand turns. Highly recommended. Be sure to watch in HD...
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    Pictures from the 2012 Mopar Nats!

    OZ Racing. I got them from Partsrack.
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    Test Track / Special Events

    Way more track time than street time. In line with the above posters.
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    Tight Racing Theme of the Day at Mid-Ohio BFG Super Tour

    I heard you set a new track record (again) for STO! Great driving!
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    Viper Play Day SATURDAY June 23, 2012 - Pittsburgh International Race Complex

    If you are going to buy a helmet anyway you should consider the latest rating SA2010. I believe that this will remain valid until 2020 while an SA2005 will expire in 2015. Although you might find some bargins on SA2005 rated helmets right now. The M rating is for motorcycle and is not allowed...

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