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    Any 2014 TA's for sale?

    I know where another orange one is forsale in georgia.
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    2008 Low rpm Sputter

    Well i replaced the plugs and it fixed it. The plugs all looked ok except for cylinder #5, it had backed out, it was loose as soon as i put the socket on it. Wondering how long its been like this and how much compression i was loosing, or it just recently did it. I went with the colder 7437's...
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    2008 Low rpm Sputter

    Thanks guys, i was thinking about just knocking out my cats, or does someone make a pipe.
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    2008 Low rpm Sputter

    I thought a plug would throw a code, but im gonna replace them here in a bit. Ill check the pcv hoses as well.
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    2008 Low rpm Sputter

    2008 with mopar pcm, high flow cats, catch can and corsa exhaust. Around the 1800-2200 rpm mark the car sputters for a bit then goes, more in light to mid throttle applications. It seems like a misfire, but no codes are being thrown. Spark plug wires and plugs was changed last year, the car...
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    NARRA 2013 Virginia International Raceway - Videos/Pictures, etc..

    Hey barry was wondering if you figured out your car, didnt see you at vir, this is Luke btw. I actually confused it for keiths car. They look like twins. Keith that lap is insane fast. Great driving. I cant manage to get below 2:02 there. Partly because my car is a pig...
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    Average age of Viper owners?

    34 Today Happy Birthday me! Allan tires are taking over my garage.
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    Suspension/Brake Cam @ VIR

    Ill get that next time tom, never put cam on the splitter, lol just figured out it wasnt the suspension, could hear the splitter rattling, and you was right!
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    Suspension/Brake Cam @ VIR

    Mounted on the frame with 2 sided sticky tape mount.
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    Suspension/Brake Cam @ VIR
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    Totaled Viper 2 days after buying it...

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say if the rear right knuckle was to break and he was turning left the car would have went left even quicker and not right. +1 on the age of the tires, black ice? i drove home in it last night its hard to know its slick until you brake, turn or accelerate. Also as...
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    ACR-X Brakes

    Mike i think the mitsu evo uses the same size pad and since when did you start using brakes?
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    09 ACR sold for 112,00.00 on Barrett-Jackson

    Alot of cars pulling large money at auction have been fully restored. If you are holding your viper for the next 30 years with the hopes of it being a good investment, you couldnt be getting much enjoyment from the car. Why not drive the **** out of it and restore it down the road?
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    Monday we find out who is faster at Laguna Seca, ZR1 or Gen V

    Major fail. Even though mods, tires etc etc can make this car faster. I think the "viper brand" has been lost somewhat with this new model. The last 4 gen vipers set the bar on performance. While this time around it seems they was just trying to compair or match the competition. On par with zr1...
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    Came home and opened the box on my porch

    Did you mean 500lbs/in front and 800/lbs rear? I started with those and moved to 1000 in the rear, and couldnt tell a difference.

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