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    VoooDoo II Edition Car Covers?

    Contact cover king, they are the supplier
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    Happy 2017

    Congrats on the weight loss. I definitely don't DD the snake. I have my Granturismo Sport for that. And with a 2+2 my four year old actually fits in the back. Exhaust note is really nasty in sport mode. Then in automatic it's a GT car. Feels sturdy and comfy. I like corvette but don't like...
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    Happy 2017

    Not sure, need to check. I know him and Tomball got 11 each. I think the 1:28 is cool. If they did red wheels instead it would be **** as **** imo, kinda like the old voodoo. Check out this new pic of my *** 8-p U still have Gen V keys?
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    Happy 2017

    I did all recalls and campaigns on my GTS and it never burned one drop of oil. I was fortunate to get a retail trade in price on mine because I had the 15k coupon. Check it out at roanoke, only put 8200 miles on it in 42 months of ownership. Krate- I agree with u so much that I would honestly...
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    Happy 2017

    Owned the GTS 3.5 years. Had a love/hate relationship with it however it is difficult purchasing the first production year of a new Generation. I did trade it as I get a significant tax credit on a transfer registration in my state. Also the registry figured in my fifteen thousand dollar...
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    Happy 2017

    Thnx Kratey :) here's a few more:
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    Happy 2017

    Thanks. It had 5 miles from factory. On Sunday I lucked out with 43 degree sunny weather. So I put another 14 miles on it doing a fuel run. So anxious for the spring so I can complete break in, brake burnishing, etc.
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    Happy 2017

    Mine was definitely the first to arrive. Ordered 6/24 arrived at dealer 12/5 and arrived home 12/20. Here's some shots of Reliable Transportation arriving: Center band is competition blue
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    Happy 2017

    Thanks. Number 6 of eleven Roanoke Special Dealer Edition ACR cars. Pictures do it no justice & it gets a ton of attention out in the wild!
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    Happy 2017

    It is in my garage :) some pics of the new toy:
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    New Viper will be home next week. Trickle charger question.

    Battery is in rear of vehicle in hatch. I use deltran battery tender plus with alligator clips. Closing hatch on wire doesn't pinch it.
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    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    The last car made with a naturally aspirated V10 and manual transmission. .......I'll just leave this here.
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    How many 2015 engine failures have you guys seen?

    wow you've had bad luck. They say only 5% of builds have the metal shavings issue. But who knows. Keep us updated.
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    Dead battery

    Not sure if they are separate issues or not. However I had a strange electrical issue: the dash would state that the key fobs were not detected and the vehicle wouldn't start. The dealer replaced the WIN module and ordered new key fobs. That repair was 4 months ago and the issue hasn't occurred...

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