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    I am having difficulty with classified but no one will help!!!

    Issue resolved. Classified is up with pictures. Thank you to VCA for your responsiveness. Now someone needs to buy my car!
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    I am having difficulty with classified but no one will help!!!

    I posted my car in the classified this weekend but could not get the pictures to work. I have posted several times in the "contact us" section asking for help with no response. Although I was a VCA member for 15 years I no longer am so I actually paid for the ad. I am NOT satisfied. If I...
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    Comp Coupes 27,22,& 19 on the floor at the the build facility in Detroit

    I currently own Comp Coup #22.I noticed via a search that at one point you posted a picture of the car being built.Do you still have that picture?ThanksRandy
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    Cars & Coffee Raleigh - Relocated (again) to Waverly Place in Cary

    Just seeing this thread. What day od the week/month is this event held?
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    VIRginia International Raceway's ANNUAL HOLIDAY LAPS Friday, November 11, 2011

    So I just finally saw the note. Day late and a dollar short! I will repeat my offer. If anyone would like to drive vir in the touring lights category (no passing) I would be happy to invite you to a members day and instruct you on driving the course. I instruct for several clubs. My number...
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    Carolinas VCA events in 2011

    John I was at the Garner NC Dodge dealer yesterday picking up a part. The Parts Manager iffered to host a dinner for the Viper Club where they would offer repair and parts specials. I told him I would pass it on! Let me know if you are interested.
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    Keeping Away Car Show Rugrats!

    When I go to car shows i go with other people. We take turns looking around the show and will not leave the cars alone. People will be people.
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    Car For Sale!

    I don't want to undervalue your car, but I am in the market for a Viper right now and for the money their are numerous 2006 Gen IIIs available. If I want a convertible I can get a 2008 for 58K. That's a tough thing to compete against.
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    SCAM Alert!!!!!

    Overthe past few weeks I have been looking for a new Viper and have come upon three instances where someone was running a scam. The ads have been on Auto Trader and I have reported them. Here is the reply to the note that I got back when inquiring about a 2006 Viper Coupe...
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    Need a Viper Checked Out in Sugar Land TX

    This whole thing was a scam. I have been looking for another Viper and have now come upon three different instances where it turned out to be a scam. I will post on the regular board with details.
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    Need a Viper Checked Out in Sugar Land TX

    I would like to thank everyone that offered to go look at the car for me. Unfortunately, if the deal is too good to be true...,IT USUALLY IS! THE
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    Need a Viper Checked Out in Sugar Land TX

    I am considering buying a second Viper that is located in the Sugar Land Texas area. It is a 2006 SRT-10 Coupe. I would greatly appreciate if I could get someone to run by and look at the car. I'm trying to buy it over the internet so I'm not as concerned with cosmetic stuff as I am making sure...
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    VIR offers many opportunities to get on track. The previous post mentioned several of the dates, but there are more. The track is open from late February until December. Most clubs and HPDEs will accept other cars after they offer their club members first choice. I really like Chin and the...
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    Big Bad Viper Send me an email at [email protected] with your contact info and I will fill you in on all the options.