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    front licence plates

    How about adhesive front license plates? Is that allowed?
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Subscribed! Awesome thread!
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    GoPro Hero 3-Black

    Wasn't aware of that! Apologies.
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    GoPro Hero 3-Black

    If you're not intrested in slomo's maybe you could take a silver or white edition... The main difference between them & the black edition is the higher fps when recording in full hd. I've got a Hero 2 as well and satisfied! The only con I've discovered is a low battery life in cold temperatures...
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    2014 Corvette

    Best angle yet =). I really like the front of the car but the rear is just... People will still confuse the vette & the viper with the shape of those headlights though.
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    New bumblebee

    Red to yellow, I wonder how some of the fellow members will take this :D. Very nice car!
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    some new pics of the car...

    I love those wheels! And the colorcombo =).
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    Viper Crash

    I think you may have posted the wrong youtube link :)
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    My Favorite 6000 VOI 12 pictures posted

    Love it, thanks for posting! =)
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    My 98 RT/10 (Pics)

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    Car back from A&C Performance

    Beautiful would be an understatement... Love your car =).
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    Want to **** 25 min of your day ?

    Great share =)! Enjoyed watching it. Didn't know Bucky was driving Vipers these days :drive:
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    Beautiful beyond words.........

    Belgian driver in the team! That's cool :)!
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    If SRT really listened to what we wanted....

    Agreed, first thing I thought when I saw the headlights was SLS AMG... It'll take time but I'll get used to it, dito on the carbon in the rear.
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    I bought my new viper today. What an awesome day.

    I agree!!! These are teasers! :)