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    Is this guy nuts?

    No, he's just a douchbag...
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    1997 GTS NEW 3.2L Roe Supercharger Dyno Results

    Not sure I would run 100% ****. 50/50 helps with the intake cooling factor as is needed with the Roe with no intercooler and it also keeps the flammability down. Plenty of guys make decent power with 50/50. **** some run 5# with no **** and get the same results as you. Coincidentally I was...
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    1997 GTS NEW 3.2L Roe Supercharger Dyno Results

    My 8# set up(2.4L ****/VEC and high flow cats) got me 606hp/660tq. I would not consider Quality wires a low resistance wire.After measuring them I switched back to MSDs.
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    1997 GTS NEW 3.2L Roe Supercharger Dyno Results

    Who tuned it?I would have expected more out of a 3.2L
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    car has no power?

    Out of curosity, what was your fix to your other problem you had in this thread?
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    Looking at replacing stock clutch...ideas ?

    Luk clutch kit will work fine and the price is around $200. Don't forget a slave cylinder and pilot bearing.
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    (Almost) new Viper owner, saying hi

    Are you sure it's not clear bra material that has aged? Either way it's not factory. Unless it's painted it should be able to be remove with a heat gun and peeling.
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    fueling issues

    Not sure I would take a highly modified Viper to a dealer unless they have done Paxton installs and such before. It's easier to hook up a fuel pressure gauge (temporarily) than remove the pump assembly to change out the socks. I have not used an AEM ECU on a Viper, but I have on other platforms...
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    fueling issues

    I would be looking at hooking a fuel pressure gauge to see what the actual pressure is while boosting. Even if you temp install it just for the tuning. Just because he is adding fuel electronically doesn't mean it's actually getting to the cylinders. Are you sure you trust the tuner...
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    fueling issues

    logged your fuel presure?
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    Know this Viper?

    I find it weird both front fenders are missing the outer seals.
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    Pennsylvania Pre Buy Inspection

    May want to post up what area the car is in.
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    (Almost) new Viper owner, saying hi

    Viper store seems over priced. I would stick with JonB and Roe Racing.
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    (Almost) new Viper owner, saying hi

    Have the head gaskets been replaced? Some gen1s had paper HGs and are known to leak.

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