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    Looking for Info on a Comp Coupe

    Hi guys, I looking for anyone that might have info on the Comp Coupe in the pic. It was used in the publicity run against an F-16 in Arizona a number of years ago. I have several of the body panels from that car including the rare dual sided refueling ports roof assembly. Wanting to know...
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    Looking for Viper Comp Coupe Logo

    hi all, Looking for a .eps, .ai or pdf file of the Viper comp Coupe logo from back in the day. Black and white or line drawing is fine. Thanks in advance,
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    Viper CC GT3 - AIM MXG Dash - Problems

    The VCC uses a modified OEM controller. Its based on Motorola. No AEM. You can plug in the Comp Coupe controller into a street car and it will run and vice versa. The MOTEC harness is an overlay to the factory.
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    Viper CC GT3 - AIM MXG Dash - Problems

    If you have a real Comp Coupe, you cannot rely of the factory wiring diagram. You must use the Comp Coupe Wiring diagram as it interfaces with the stock one in many areas and there are many dead ends of the factory harness that get removed for use with the comp coupe.
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    08 Viper Motor Problem

    Maybe NOT. The oil cooler uses coolant to cool the oil. Put a new cooler on it change the oil and drive it. The mere fact that there is antifreeze in the oil is NOT and automatic death sentence.
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    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 08/06/18

    I really appreciate your hard work!
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    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 07/22/18

    Thanks for your efforts! I really like looking through this stuff.
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    Inner Tie Rods

    Viper Parts USA has them in Stock!
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    Adjustable End Links

    The only folks that make and sell them is Viper Parts USA
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    Sourcing Obsolete Parts For Gen I and Gen II Vipers

    Viper Parts USA has the Front Top Latches
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    Drivers side door getting stuck open, forcing close creates loud pop

    Look at your hold open spring. Its probably broken and the broken piece is catching on the hinge.
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    Gen 1 radiator hoses

    All of the smaller formed ones have been discontinued from Chrysler for years. Even if they were still available, why in Gods name would you want to put 20-25 year old hoses on your car? This isn't Walmart you know.
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    rear shock fork

    The ACR shocks are smaller in diameter the standard suspension and as such have a threaded bushing to make up the difference in the fork. That bushing is notorious for corroding in the fork.
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    Headlight buckets

    They made more Neons in a few weeks than Vipers in a year. Its the price you pay for exclusivity. Even the Head Light assy for my 13 Ram truck is over $350 and they make zillions of them. Salvage yards are your other choice in you cant afford new.

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