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    GTS Rollbars?

    Hey Plum...I'm just loafing around waiting on my life. :) Fatboy...if you find one we might just have to find a way to get it to "some Viper Owner" stationed at Mildenhall or Lakenheath. :)
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    GTS Rollbars?

    Before I put the seats back in. AutoForm rollbar....I opted to make the OEM center piece fit with custom cuts (measure 30 times, cut once).
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    Red Steering Wheel, Shifter and E-brake

    Yes....yes it was, same for the blue...97 I believe. Ben Beckert (I believe) traded his stock red stuff for my stock black stuff, I love the red accents, moreso when they are OEM (even if not original on my car, as it were).
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    Autoform roll bar and bulkhead to trade for OEM bulkhead.

    This bit was undoubtedly the hardest part of the whole install for me, way back when. Seats were out getting redone, so it wasn't was just plain PITA! Though your neighbors will get a kick out of hearing air tools fired up and fiberglass dust coming from under the garage...
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    Post up the best pic of your GTS/RT-10's

    I'll have to see if I can find some "after" it changed over the 7+ years I had it. :)
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    Looking for Vipermad..........

    You, sir, are too funny!!!! LOL! Maybe in my own mind??? :) Life is heading towards a calming time for me I believe. There was alot of change going on for a while....kid went off to college, job changes, life changes.....I'm settled in to a new job in Quantico and doing well. I have a few...
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    Looking for Vipermad..........

    Thats **** Slaughter!!! LOL!!! I wish I could have helped, I spend 99.99% of my time in Quantico, Va.....not much help for you in Norfolk. Did you find someone, like DrDJ?
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    Roe bumper guards

    I'm just a humble servant, hopefully lucky enough to own a Viper some day. :) I will surely be down in Virginia Beach this next weekend and will make sure to have a look....I'm sure I need to stretch the legs on the new SRT-8 Charger! :)
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    Roe bumper guards

    Next time I head to Virginia Beach I'll look in my storage space. I never did put the rubber bits on my car (just the edge guard) and I seem to recall throwing them in a bucket when I emptied my garage. I've added a note on my to-do list and will likely be down there next weekend.
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    how to change EMAIL address?

    Is it yahoo or hotmail? Used to be some of the "free" services were not allowed. Obviously there ARE exceptions and usually addressed on a case-by-case basis with an Admin.
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    New Forum Suggestions & Bug List old fart! You do that and the people who LIKE to help will have nothing to do!!! LOL!!! :) Love to Barb! :)
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    Re-upholstering seats?

    I PM'd you Kelly, As I said....All I did was have the center portions redone in red-perf suede. There was a difference in net and gross cost since I was required to byuy a minimum amount of the suede.....but I recouped enough $$$ to end up with a net cost of about $500 (I woul dhave to pull the...
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    Re-upholstering seats?

    $500...both seats, redo the side bolsters and add yellow perforated suede in the centers. I knew a car that did that in red......looked great! Granted, he paid extra for the whole bolt of suede...but he recently traded the left-overs for an SRT-10 Ram hood for his truck. :)
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    Viper listed in Classifieds -

    gringoray is ACTUALLY Francisco!!!!!
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    Thoughts on taking viper on vacation to Virginia Beach?

    Who would EVER want to go to Virginia Beach????? Oh..... Uhh.... Where you planning on staying? Parking overnight will be your only huge concern.....pick a good hotel (MY "Viper" definition of good hotel is....private covered/monitored parking) and you'll be OK. :)

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