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    Michelin pilot super sports for sale

    I bought a set of super sports to replace my pirelli's on my forgelines. Make a long story short i had 345/25/20 for the rears and went with 345/30/20 because I wanted the Michelin's and they didn't make the other size. Well I don't like the way they look with a lowered car and on the...
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    Observations while Twin Turbocharging a 2014 SRT GTS

    Love to see some pics of the engine bay......
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    Stop track daying your street car ACRX $80k

    Xr4racer---- you are with Dave right? Just wondering if he is still racing. Last I talked to Dave was after the crash of that new acrX. With you posting this one does that mean you guys are not racing? Just wondering, that's all
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    Coupe Rear Conversion on Convertible

    I kinda remember rocket did the conversion but it was lempke's parts......
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    Anyone Lowered On Wheels Yet?

    I was up close to a new GTS and noticed how bad the front wheels need pushed out (more offset) to the outer edge of the fender at least. I had my forgelines on my gen 3 made with more offset and they look and fit perfect
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    Service Departrment issues

    ^^by the way... I had some other work done on the lincoln so it was driven some but just in and out of the service bay(that's where the 2ths came from)
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    Service Departrment issues

    Hey gofast --- was the gas light on? If not, not much gas was burned my best educated guess. How long have you owned the car? If you are fairly new to the car you will soon realize that last quarter/hair over a quarter won't last long. The car had to be road tested to check for the Dash...
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    Service Departrment issues

    He is absolutely right about this.
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    looking at buying an 08 SSG Coupe anyone in OHIO

    Viperwally ---congrats on the car! I never heard from ya but either way you bought it
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    looking at buying an 08 SSG Coupe anyone in OHIO

    Viperwally I will be on that side of town on Tuesday the 28th. I have a appointment at1:30 so I could swing over there and do a walk around. I'm not an expert in body work or a mechanic but I am a picky ******* so I can tell you what I see. They do have a nice line up of cars there but are...
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    Thanks for posting the have been making some great videos ....thanks!
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    2015 Z06 specs leaked 620hp/650tq

    I for one is very impressed with performance/looks/ and what the price is suggested to be. What is also impressive is by the time this car hits customer's driveways there will be after market parts waiting to be bolted on to top the already impressive stock performance numbers! I would buy one...

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