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    2000 dodge viper gts review

    Nice throwback to 2000. Was that the only silver/cognac/Canadian 2000 GTS?
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    Wreck on 1-10 saturday.....

    Same thing happened to me with my first Viper. Coming over the I-8 in California a truck with trailer wnted to get a better look. Got too close, starterd to brake, the empty trailer started to fishtail and he went off the road and down a ravine. A real mess and just for trying to get a...
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    Garage Viper Corner

    Fall 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2002 Summer 2002 Summer 2003 Fall 2003 Winter 2003 Summer 2004 Winter 2005 Spring 2006 Winter 2006 Summer 2008
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    Garage Viper Corner

    If you come down toward San Diego, Let me know. There is the Carlsbad Cars and Coffee at the Carlsbad outlet mall from 7:30 -9:00 on Saturday if you are interested. I can bring them next week and you can pick from what I have left.
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    Garage Viper Corner

    Arizona Iced Tea is $1.49 a bottle. The List, for all who might be interested is as follows: Fall 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2002 Summer 2002 Summer 2003 Fall 2003 Winter 2003 Summer 2004 Winter 2005 Spring 2006 Winter 2006 Summer 2008
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    Garage Viper Corner

    I have 13 left, $10 each I can send a list of issues if you like or make an offer for the lot.
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    Garage Viper Corner

    I had a rare Friday off and decided to work on the "Viper Corner". I picked up a set of Viper Magazine covers at VOI and framed my favorite 10. Now I'm out of wall space. I hate to break up the set, but I'll be posting the rest in the classified section for anyone who wants them.
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    A choice between two 97 dodge vipers, which do you think is a better pick?

    So where are the pictures of the new car? I would like to see it with the HRE's. Congratulations on the successful purchase!
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    Any Viper techs in San Diego?

    Thanks. Mike will be evaluating the car on Saturday.
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    Any Viper techs in San Diego?

    Hi, I am selling my 2005 with 9,000 miles and a perspective buyer is looking for a Viper Tech to do an inspection. Does anyone know of one in or near San Diego? Email me or post. Thanks! Kurt [email protected]
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    Hoping to join the ranks of the VCA! Looking for a 3. gen vert

    If you are serious and want something special, please look at my classified ad on this board. I am sure that we can work out a VCA member price. PM if you have any interest...
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    How does one register for the NYC reveal?

    Kaneda, I'm going and I can bring one guest. My wife can't make it so if you want to go, just let me know. Kurt
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    KNG Diffuser instaled!

    Thanks John for the diffuser fins. They are installed and look great. Much better than the pictures show. First I sprayed all parts with an acid primer, then three coats of flat black enamel. I needed to drill four very small holes that will never be noticed. Having a lift in the...
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    How many of you track your Vipers?

    Button Willow. Everyone tracks their cars, don't they? If you going to learn to drive a Viper, might as well get an instructor who knows the car inside and out.
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    What the heck is this?

    Why does it need extra strength? All my other harnesses are pretty stiff. I really only noticed it since I need to replace the coolant temperature sender and it was getting in the way.

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