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    Gas Milleage

    Wish bigger tank at least...
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    Oh I wish I had a bigger gas tank...

    Okay I will bite the bullet and say it - I wish i had a bigger gas tank. I understand not all Vipers can get the miles/gallon as the 2008/2009 (cannot speak to the 10's due to their gears) but with the gear change on the Gen V and with such a small (16 gallon) gas tank it literally means a trip...
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    Which License Plate?

    Is Stryker available? Have you tried VIPURR? All Mine? GOT MINE? FUN42 FUN4ME
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    Woohoo ! She's in

    Congrats ... based on my experience i am confident you will feel the same as your first drive if not more excited in 7 years! "Drive it like you stole it " ... and your being chased! ... on an off road course of course! LOL She is a beaut!
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    New guy looking for ACR

    Congrats on getting bitten. Call Ben and Bernie at Viper Exchange here in Texas - not only can they set you up with a car but as the Gen 4 have no traction control - performance driving to keep you safe. Enjoy - warning there is no looking back and you will likely have a smile for every drive...
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    Gen 5 Viper books!!

    Haven't received mine yet .. i certainly hope it is coming soon. I cannot wait!
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    13 SRT value with 800-1200 miles?

    If you want it, buy it, drive it, and never look back. I'll take every extra day of driving my fine car. Don't forget unless you are full cash buyer, your trade in is synching in value while you are trying to save a buck - YOLO.
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    So Strange...

    Let me guess ... you washed/had your car washed the day before? Am i right?
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    Have you spotted Fangs?

    Spoke to friend at factory "He was on some of the earlier cars built this year. Now it says SRT." So some of us do -I'm thinking as launch edition I likely do...
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    Have you spotted Fangs?

    Don't know ... anyone have a picture? Guess we are keeping all the heritage!
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    Someone slap me, I had better not be dreaming!

    If you think you are dreaming now - wait until it is delivered. The curves - check. The paint job - check. The driving pleasure - check. The Interior - HELLO - they really stepped it up and did themselves proud delivering an interior worthy of such a performance and exterior. If you need a pinch...
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    Have you spotted Fangs?

    Ding Ding Ding! You are correct. I guess only those that really get down low will notice. I am surprised they didn't change the casting to Stryker. I wonder if there are any other fangs in the midst but here is a pic.
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    Have you spotted Fangs?

    Okay all you Gen V owners ... it is true our snake symbol is Stryker BUT there is a fangs on the car ... have you spotted it? (More fun than spotting Waldo!) Anyway - let's hear it .. I'll post a pic in a while. :drive:
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    I'm convinced Motor Trend hates the Viper (Video)

    It is a magazine. It is simply about advertising dollars. He who advertises and spends the most gets the most 'editorial review' advertising as well. Their opinions are bought not factual unfortunately. Have no fear .. the truth will always set you free. We know we rule the track and the street...
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    Has anyone installed their radar detector using the pigtail?

    btw: we attached the pig tail to the piece we bought at ... used it to connect the radar detector on our mustang. worked like a charm. Thanks for all your help.