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    Chris Marshall Alley Post

    Folks, rest assured that any "views" I post obviously do not reflect what the VCA is doing or their beliefs. That was the main reason I didn't post here. The purpose of my post was to simply clear the air and show that the VCA did nothing wrong as a whole. What one or two 2013 officers did...
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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    Well, I did a search to see how many personal posts I have made in the past six months and this will be my third. The other two consisted of a regional news reminder to the officers in August and one about Hertz Viper rentals in June. VPA and VIPER magazine need to address issues specific to...
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    Took a look at a new Gen V yesterday.

    As I recall, you ARE all bad... :D. Congrats on the new car and be sure to let -RUNNR sit in it. Let us know when you air it out for the first time!
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    Tires for 1994 Viper?

    Assuming your RT/10 has stock wheels, the PS2's are about it for now. No Super Sports in Gen 1 or 2 sizes just yet (if ever).
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    Have the discussions on the VCA site gone to ****?

    BTW, for those of you that would like to see the new Viper at play in Europe with play-by-play from Mr. Gilles himself, here you go: Start at the bottom and work your way up. (Okay, that was kind of a hijack so I apologize in advance. :D)
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    Have the discussions on the VCA site gone to ****?

    In my very humble opinion, and not necessarily that of the club, there are three factors in play: The new Viper often represents a new breed of owner as others have noted. With all those wonderful electronics comes owners more inclined to use them and less owners looking for a "bare...
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    Kansas Viper cruise caught on news video.

    Tragic story but gorgeous Gen 5! Cars behind it look pretty spiffy too... :D
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    Hypothetically speaking

    Get enough Viper miles under your belt and you will never notice it. Like Pavlov training, it becomes intuitive to wait for that threshold before that first shift. Haven't triggered it in years and drive it frequently - city and highway.
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    new nitto invos

    We switched to them in 2009. Great tire and HUGE difference in the ride from run flats.
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    Contact your regional VCA president or even VCA HQ - somebody will be sure to send your comments and concerns up the ladder accordingly. No guarantees on the results of course, but the club always tries to help folks out when it can.
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    SRT was made aware of your situation at the highest levels possible when you first posted about canceling your order. Don't know if it was a contributing factor or not, but rest assured the VCA has a vested interest in making sure your Viper ownership experience is the best it can possibly be...
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    Don't have your Gen 5 yet? Rent one from Hertz!

    At least that is what they say may be possible in select cities...
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    Any Hot Wheels experts on these boards?

    Ah, the memories. :D Unfortunately I left the world of 1:64 scale cars for the more exciting world of 1:1 scale cars around that same time, so no idea what new diecast cars are bringing these days. There are a couple avid Hot Wheels collectors that occasionally post here that should be able...
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    First crashed Gen V on public roads?

    Our condolences to the Morse family. Here is Martin in a video for Dodge a couple years ago: Apparently he left behind four children at least. Rest in peace Mr. Morse.
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    2013 VCA member question?

    The badge cost is minimal compared to what the club used to pay, and many regions encourage their members to wear them to meetings and events. Plus a lot of folks collect them from over the years. And as noted above, they might even get you VIP treatment simply because they are so unique. We...

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