1997 GTS NEW 3.2L Roe Supercharger Dyno Results



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Jun 17, 2016
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Just had the car re-tuned by Todd and it's running great! The final numbers are right where they should be. I have noticed that the main issue before was that the avg boost was always a bit low compared to what ROE stated it should be, of course every car is going to be a little different. At first the boost should have been 8 psi but the avg was only 5, which it did make good power for only 5 psi btw. Now I am averaging 8.91 psi @ max tq then some creep in the higher rpms, this is normal for ROE kits apparently. A new set of heads could help alleviate this in the future. I'm not sure where ROE got their boost numbers from when selling the NEW kits as the boost the car is making is proportional to the old kit. For example the old kit used a 2.95" pulley for 5 psi using a 2.4L SC. The NEW 3.2L SC per Kenne Bell adds +3psi at the same rpm. Right now I am using the 2.95" pulley with the 3.2L which would be 5psi + 3psi = 8. This is right in line with what I have noticed on the dyno. Anyways here is the updated mods list and graph:

• 3.2L KB Blower w/ Liquid Cooling connected
• 2.95" Pulley
• Boost avg: 8.91 psi
• Magnuson bypass valve
• NGK BKR6E Spark Plugs one step colder
• Mobil 1 0w-40
• 2 Bar Map Sensor
• EMS: SCT Tuner
• 69lb Deka 107961 Injectors
• High Flow K&N Filters
• AEM Water/**** 500cc/min Nozzles x2
• 400 lph Walbro fuel pump
• Snow Performance Boost Juice 50/50 ****/Water
• Smooth Tubes
• Borla Cat-Back 3”, no cats
• Catch Can
• M&M Performance headers
• Plug Wires (quality wires)
• Harland Sharp 1.7 roller rockers
• 98’ Viper larger radiator fan + larger fan relay
• Deka ETX30L battery
• Torco Accelerator 32oz in 19gal = 96 equivalent octane

Max Power = 623 rwhp
Max Torque = 693 rwtq

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