2010 Dodge Viper "Tomball Unique Stripe" Dealer Edition Cars?


Sep 5, 2010
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Georgetown, IL
I tried to call Tomball today, in hunt of a replacement Manroney Sticker for the car. It was pretty useless, as they just wanted to email me a build sheet from their computer. Didn't even seem to know of a replacement sticker from the new selling dealer. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the 5 Unique Stripe cars Dodge did for Tomball? I have a Black Coupe with Dual Snakeskin Green stripes on it. The RPO/Build sheet lists the green in addition to dual painted blue stripes. Just curious is anyone knew the back story on this, and if the dual RPO was a signifier of this or not? Wanting to just document and gather for personal knowledge, and if I ever move on from the car in the future. Attached is a image of the car from when I bought it from BJM OCT 19'. Below is an old Motor Trend article that briefly references it.

Motor Trend Article

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