Factory fluid cross reference


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Jan 7, 2013
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Maybe this could turn into a sticky on the forums or even move to the general section, but over the years I've been trying to figure out what all the factory fill fluids are for my gen 3 in the non-Mopar sense. The below list is what I've come up with based on what I've read over the years. Please feel free to correct me if these are wrong, but figured others might find this useful as well if they want to use factory fluids, but not necessarily pay dealer prices.

Antifreeze - I've been told this is Zerex G05 (it's what I put in last fill at least), just tinted differently for Mopar

Power steering - don't actually know on this one, just ATF +4 is all I know

Oil - Mobil 1 5W-20 (this one is easy since it says it on the cap and Dodge doesn't private label)

Transmission - Castrol Syntorq LT (has been discontinued though, so this one is going to be interesting in the future)

Brake/clutch fluid - DOT 4, don't think there is anything particularly special here, but never asked or heard who supplies the Mopar stuff (similar to the power steering). Technically speaking I don't think all DOT 4 fluids are created equal (ie. there is a minimum spec, but I think some have higher boiling points).

Rear end - This is my big question mark. 75W-140 full synthetic is not the most common thing out there, but seems like there are more than I would have thought. My guess would be that it might be Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube LS since they were dealing with Mobil 1 for the engine oil. Pennzoil also makes some and I know the gen 4 factory engine oil swapped to Pennzoil, but don't know how long Dodge and them have been talking. Anyone heard anything about it by any chance?

I realize all of these are somewhat irrelevant as the service manuals often just call out a spec for the various fluids to meet, but I like using factory fill where I can because the engineers likely designed around a particular oil to some degree. As with any oil though, for the most part as long as you keep it fresh and don't operate outside its design parameters, I know that just about anything works effectively. There are some obvious things to avoid like GL-5 oils in transmissions, but beyond that I'm not sure.