FOR SALE 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster

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  1. VICCI

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    May 11, 2018
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    Hello, I have the following up for sale right now: Full details and photos can be found here:

    This very low mileage 1993 Dodge Viper is a perfect example of a true supercar of its time. In 1993 the Viper ran the 1/4 mile in 12.0 seconds, getting to 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds. With no bells and whistles, this car has a curb weight of just over 3200lbs with an engine that weighs over 700lbs!

    Production of the V10 Viper changed the American car culture. This car is truly an icon and an American Classic of our era.

    A sheet metal example of the Viper debuted as a concept at North American Auto Show in 1989. The overwhelming success at the auto lead to Team Viper being assembled to create the next American Icon. Lamborghini, then a subsidiary of Chrysler, did the design on the V10 and did the casting work on the aluminum Viper engine. The first production Vipers were available to the public beginning in 1992 and the first generation of the Viper ran until 1994.

    This Viper wears it original paint that shows in like new condition. New Michelin tires of OEM size have been fitted to the car.

    A Kenwood 502 Stereo head unit has been installed in place of the factory radio. The original Chrysler/Alpine radio has been repaired and will be included with the sale of the car. No modifications to the car were necessary to install the aftermarket radio and can easily be reversed.

    1993 dodge viper interior view from above.JPG

    1993 dodge viper.jpg

    1993 dodge viper dash.JPG

    1993 dodge viper sexy.jpg

    1993 dodge viper engine.jpg
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    Very nice car, there's just something about the gen 1 Viper that is so cool, I had a 95 yellow RT10 at that time it was Awesome, I did a lot of mods to the engine and it ran strong, I miss that car a lot. I have a 99 GTS now that is a garage queen 2k miles but no cool memories like the 95 that I drove the wheels off it.

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