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Join the PA-WV Viper Club on a Scenic Amish Country Covered Bridge Cruise 4/25-09

Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by RedEnuf93, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. RedEnuf93

    RedEnuf93 Enthusiast

    Feb 14, 2002
    Lancaster, PA
    Join the PA-WV Viper Club on a Scenic Amish Country Covered Bridge Cruise 4/25-09


    This will be a slow paced, approx. 80 mile drive through the heart of Amish Countryside, filled with horse driven black buggies. This time of the year you’ll be able to see lots of mules and Amish working on fields.



    We will start at the SONIC Drive In, located on RT 222 Brownstown, PA on April 25th at 10AM.
    Sonic Drive-In‎ 4247 Oregon Pike, Ephrata, PA (It is in Browstown, but postal address brings up Ephrata... Brownstown is about 3 miles south of Ephrata, on RT 222)
    sonic drive loc: Brownstown, PA - Google Maps

    There is a Sheetz gas station across the road for anyone in need of gas. Drive starts at the north side of Lancaster County, moving to west towards Columbia. From Columbia we will drive south along the Susquehanna River and will turn east again towards Strasburg. From Strasburg east to Paradise, North to Intercourse and Bird in Hand. (I bet you thought your town had funny names…) The cruise will have 10-11 bridges, some are crossing small creeks and few of them are quite large. We will stop at Intercourse to eat, Amish style…

    After the lunch, we’ll continue north towards our starting point Brownstown. At Brownstown we’ll cross 3 most scenic bridges in this area.

    Cruise, including the lunch will take about 4 hours. This was the SLOWEST cruise in Viper Club history, we covered 88 miles in 4 hours. Perfect to bring the kids or anyone else who does not like 100MPH cruises... Bing the Viper or bring the station wagon.
    Once we have crossed the last covered bridge, we will gather at our house (Lauri’s house - see address at bottom) for refreshments (I don’t think anyone will be hungry after the Amish style meal…)

    Since the drive will at winding country side roads, some barely as wide as your Viper, your car may end up a bit dustier than usually. Mules pulling farm equipment frequently cross the roads.
    Some of the bridges may be steeper than your drive way, my car undercarriage does touch occationally the entry or exit ramp. (Mine is however lowered 2", so a normal Viper should be OK.)

    There will be quite a few horse driven buggies on the road, pass them SLOWLY, our cars can spook the horses easily. Occasional “road apples” can be also be found (Horse poop)
    Do not pack 5 cars on the bridge at one time, some of them have a low weight limitation (3-5 tons)

    Want to stay longer???
    Lancaster County has some of the best shopping, Rockvale outlets and Tanger Outlets offer anything from Ralph Lauren, Mikasa to Bose and Le Gourmet Chef...
    Or take a ride in a Steam Locomotive in Strasburg.
    Wanna’ know how 1 (one) horse power feels like, take an Amish Buggy ride.
    Interested in seeing an Amish house and farm? We have several.
    There will be also plentiful of Amish road stands, with baked foods, homemade root beer, jams, jellies, pickled veggies and handmade wooden goods. Several of them are “honor stands”, meaning that you pick what you want and pay into a coffee can. Stands are open Saturday, but NOT on Sundays.
    Antiques? At Stoudtburg you’ll have 78.000sft and 400 dealers… and Stoudts micro brewery
    Wave at the Amish, even if they prefer black buggies and horses, they do like Vipers. Don’t believe it? Just try!

    Rockvale Outlets: http://www.rockvalesquareoutlets.com/
    Tanger outlets: http://www.tangeroutlet.com/lancaster
    Steam Locomotive rides: http://www.strasburgrailroad.com/
    1 (one) HP rides: http://www.amishbuggyrides.com/
    Amish House: http://www.amishfarmandhouse.com/
    Antiques: http://www.padutchcountry.com/member_pages/Stoudtburg_Antique_Mall.asp

    Hotel Info:
    Holiday Inn Express Lancaster-Lititz, 101 Crosswinds Dr., Lititz PA 17543 – www.hiexpress.com – (717) 625-2366
    Corporate rate is $ 105, you need to book it under LWTin order to get the corporate rate ( LWT is Lititz Watch Technicum). Holiday inn has Swimming pool, breakfast and is conveniently located next to Scooters and La Piazza, both have good food and a bar. Also within a stone throw’s distance, Isaacs deli, Burger King, Pizza hut etc. There is no security at the hotel, but the area is very peaceful. You can also leave your car at my driveway, if you so prefer and feel safer that way. I'll shuttle anyone to the hotel. Only about 3 miles.

    If you prefer something a bit "better" with excellent Italian restaurant and spa, check MAZZI. I'll offer shuttle for there too!
    Hotel: About Us - The Inn at Leola Village
    Superb 4 star restaurant... Restaurant Mazzi - Leola, PA


    If there is interrest, we can stop to take a steam locomotive ride (1 hour) or anything else you find interresting.. like stopping at Amish food stands...
    Just shoot me an e-mail and I'll make it happen.

    We would like to get a head/car count, so that we can make reservations for the restaurant. It is not a fancy place, like said, very Amish... Long tables and buffet style.
    Please let Carmen know who will be attending!

    PM me for any additional information.

    Last years pictures are here: http://forums.viperclub.org/pennsyl...vered-bridge-cruise-lancaster-april-26th.html

    Event Organizer:
    Lauri (RedEnuf93)
    [email protected]
    2502 Butter Road
    Lancaster, PA 17601

    Additional contact:
    Carmen (PaViper)
    [email protected]
    1435 Appletree Rd
    Harrisburg, Pa. 17110

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