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Discussion in 'SRT10 and SRT10 Coupe Discussions' started by creese, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. creese

    creese VCA Member VCA Member

    Nov 16, 2019
    butler, pa
    have an 2003, been running perfect since i got it (2000 miles plus), yesterday at cold start, idle did not jump up to the typical 1200 and then back down again, just started and sat about 700, seems to run fine, but when clutch is pushed in, idle drops to 500, then back to 700, wierdest thing is temp and oil temp gauges are always almost the same, oil temp is running 20 deg. cooler, oil is at exact top level (only took it out for 5 mins. because of problem but always heats up by then) could use a good starting point if anyone has run into this, searched low idle to no avail.....thanks
  2. sssikvipe

    sssikvipe Enthusiast

    Oct 15, 2010
    sometimes a sign that you might need a new battery

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