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Need advice on a Twin Turbo on a new ACR-X engine in custom built??

Discussion in 'Performance Modifications' started by zgoo, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. zgoo

    zgoo Enthusiast

    Jan 25, 2019
    Guys I could really use your advice on this build. I purchase a brand new 2010 ACR-X complete crate engine from Dodge and we have it in a 1953 Studebaker coupe. We are going to built a custom rear radiator set up to make room for a twin turbo setup and lower under hood temps. Does this engine have forged internals? Dodge said it is rated at 645HP and 605tq. We are think of doing a forward mount turbos and dual intercoolers. Was wondering if anybody could advise us on what would be a good combination of turbo's and controls or just what is needed to so we can start this next phase of our build. We are not trying to make huge numbers but would like to build toward reliability and drivability. If we could get close to 850 to 900 rwhp I would be happy. We are not running cats of course.

    2019-05-16 21.24.32.jpg

    2019-05-16 21.24.42.jpg

    2019-05-16 21.24.52.jpg

    2019-09-17 17.43.01.jpg

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