Notice those "VENOM" tags on other users?

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Apr 26, 1999
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Overland Park, KS
If you are a Viper owner and either haven't joined the club or would like to upgrade your current membership, check out the Venom Option:


So what the heck is the Venom membership option?
First ,it is NOT a separate VCA group or subdivision - not even close. What the Venom membership is however, is a special opportunity for members to enhance their VCA membership with some additional services, features, raffle and merchandise discounts all while providing the club with some much appreciated additional financial support.

Here’s how it works:

By choosing the Venom membership option, a VCA member gets the following additional benefits:
  • Special Venom badges
  • Special Venom avatar identification on these forums
  • Venom member discounts on items from the VCA store
  • Inclusion on special Venom member page in VIPER magazine to acknowledge Venom membership
  • Special Viper raffle ticket discount to enable purchase of five (5) tickets (per raffle) for $500.00
  • Special Venom decal
Cost? Just $150.00 for the annual upgrade (inclusive of the base $115 dues)

Your National Leaders understand that not everyone will want to take advantage of this program, but it is our sincere belief that the added value justifies the modest $35 premium for those that choose it. Your National Board discussed this at length and felt that offering an optional package for all of our members to choose if they wished would strengthen the volunteer nature of our club. Indeed, the more important feature is it provides your VCA with some additional needed revenues. We hope many will consider the Venom membership option as a simple way to further help the club and make it a little easier on the dozens of dedicated volunteers who put in thousands of hours of uncompensated time for our club.

Join the VCA online as a brand new Venom member
or renew your VCA membership using the VCA Membership Portal area
Or call 1-800-677-4321 to join the VCA and upgrade your membership today! :2tu:
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