Personal VCA Renewal Decision


Dec 20, 2002
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Wow is a viper owner for twenty years, owner of every generation viper (8 over the years) , participant of all most all of the VOIs since the 2nd, long time member of the VCA, and a friend to multiple officers of the VCA, Dodge, and SRT over the years, I have to read how someone who has been a member since 2011 knows all of what has gone on politically and otherwise since the origin of the club. Here you have a thread that is CBR-ACR has graciously, logically, and without being judgmental outlined his reasons to stay with the VCA. Yet, we end up with the same individual attacking one and all. Ralph was personally involved in this mess which was not the place of a CEO of a car company.

Disclaimer: In the above I am just giving my background. By no means do I know everything that went in this fiasco. As far as I am concerned the blame game is over. Get a life! There must be more that spending all this time poisoning every thread.