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Feb 11, 2010
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Victoria BC
To anyone who isn't aware.

LEE HAS NOT AND WILL NOT RESIGN! In fact, he has now removed from office and banned anyone who has been actually having open discussions with anyone else. This includes Randall, Maurice, and probably Tony by the time I write this. He is cleaning house of anyone and everyone who knows his shady dealings, instead of stepping down like he originally said. NOTHING will be changing at the VCA except the fact that the VCA is OVER. Lee has gone completely rogue and is doing everything possible to shut anyone up who knows anything. The problem is, A LOT of NEW information is flowing on the other Viper sites. After these current moves, you can be 100% sure that there are some really bad things that they cannot afford to have known, and the relationship with Chrysler/SRT is 100% dead (I'm sure they have already been made aware of Lee's latest dictator moves).

I URGE YOU TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL PRESIDENTS IMMEDIATELY AND GET THE FULL STORY (OF WHAT HAS BEEN RECENTLY DONE) AND TELL THEM THAT YOU 100% EXPECT THEM TO WITHDRAW FROM THE VCA AT THIS VERY MOMENT! There are already additional directors and founding VCA officers resigning and cutting ties (and not with very good language to Lee either).

Please check the other sites and see for yourself. If anyone needs to reach me after this, I go by the same user name on the other sites. Something tells me I will not have access to this site within a few minutes of posting this.