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Discussion in 'Vendor Review: Viper Parts of America' started by VIPER GTSR 91, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. VIPER GTSR 91

    VIPER GTSR 91 Enthusiast

    Apr 11, 2003
    Spring, Texas
    I know there are some customers with stellar reviews with VPA and Im not looking for replies from those fortunate ones but wish to advise future customers that need tires anyway to make sure they are really in stock before ordering IF you need them in a timely fashion. A week ago I compared a full set of Michelin tire prices for my Viper and saw that VPA was a little cheaper than Tire Rack where I usually buy from and have always had perfect service and communications. To save a little (my mistake) I chose VPA. I emailed them last week to ask if the tires were in stock and how soon to ship after ordering. I get a reply saying they ARE in stock and usually ship in 24 hours. I ordered the set and also mentioned that I hoped for a quick ship to my dealer tech for install four days later. I got nervous when I did not get tracking after a couple of days so I called them and sent an email as they are hard to reach by phone. They said ALL the tires have shipped and I got tracking for 3 of the tires as I was informed 2 of the tires would be under the same tracking number. The tracking showed a delivery to my dealer on Thursday which was good. With this info I scheduled my car for the install but when I arrived at the dealer this morning only 3 of the tires were delivered. My tech used the tracking info on one of the tires to call the warehouse and we were informed that the other tire is coming from somewhere else as they were OUT OF STOCK. They told me VPA should have known about it. Delivery estimate for the other tire is now next week and I needed the car back as scheduled. Poor communications and my last purchase from VPA regardless of cheaper prices.
  2. Viper Parts of America

    Viper Parts of America Enthusiast VCA Member

    Feb 16, 2010
    Unfortunately we cannot control our distributors and tires are pretty much the ONLY thing we don't ship directly. Like just about every Viper vendor besides Tire Rack, we have tire purchases drop-shipped from the distributor. We happen to use the largest one in the US and they have been superb to work with. This particular tire set was indeed in stock and shipped as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they only had three (3) in their Texas warehouse (near you) and the fourth was in their Ohio warehouse. All were shipped out the same day, but naturally the fourth tire took longer to get to Texas than the three that were already there.

    The tracking information was sent out for all four tires immediately and one showed it was arriving on Monday instead of Thursday. There wasn't anything we could do, especially as we were in North Carolina supporting VOI 12, which we also explained. We obviously can't make everybody happy all the time, but rest assured we do everything possible to try and make that happen.
  3. bluesrt

    bluesrt Viper Owner

    Nov 17, 2008
    vpa has been first class folks in my book,every time i deal with them. no one wants a order held up,including vpa
  4. bmw2nv2000

    bmw2nv2000 Viper Owner

    Oct 28, 2008
    Adamsville, TN
    I too have had perfect experiences with VPA Have ordered multiple items including 2 sets of tires and all has been straight up with those guys. I hope you give them another shot, next time will be better.

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