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Premier Car Event Sept 29th

Discussion in 'Oklahoma' started by Venomiss, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Venomiss

    Venomiss Guest

    [​IMG] Premier Car Event Sept 29th
    Hello everyone! Come join us! Time is flying by and we want to get the word out for the Premier Car Show and event weekend in Springfield, MO on September 29th. The flyer below tells it all for weekend - car show,dinner show and secured parking with the hotel:


    This is a zone event with Vipers coming from the Kansas City Club, Gateway, Oklahoma, and Arkansas regions. Tim Wollesen is in charge of this event and said the date for reserving your hotel at the discounted rate has been extended until Tuesday September 18th. Right now there are about 35 Vipers on the list and VIPER magazine will be there taking pictures. Hope to see you there!

    :drive: :drive: :drive:


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