Special thanks to A&C Performance

Paul Hawker

Oct 1, 2000
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San Diego, Calif, USA
After I purchased a used 09 SRTC I took it to Todd and Mike at A&C to have it set up for my preferences. It was lowered on KW Variant shocks by the previous owner, and I wanted some more travel for track events, and better ride as a daily driver (miss that low slung look though.)

The KW shocks allow the ride height to be adjusted. They raised it less than an inch and instructed them to loosen up the shocks to soften the ride. They tried it out, and it made it worse. By tightening up the settings the car actually began to ride softer, and with much better control. No more pogo stick for me.

The Viper still rides low, but not so much that it scrapes all the time, and feels much more planted at higher speeds. Took it on some back roads today, and the car is solid, and tracks well.

While in their shop they installed some TeamTech 6 points. Wow, are they a different design than I am used to. They have a bunch of chest padding that make the belts safer and more comfortable. The way the lap straps work is that they pull you down into the seat. Special thanks for Todd taking the extra time to get me custom fitted into the harness. I'll think of this extra effort every time I strap in.

Viper is now ready for VOI XI in Utah.:drive:

Thanks again to A&C for the very professional service.


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Oct 9, 2008
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Great to hear! All my dealings with them have been great so far. A really nice stand up couple of guys!