Thanks Roe and Tator

Discussion in 'Vendor Review: Tator's Garage' started by KNG SNKE, May 6, 2012.


    KNG SNKE Viper Owner

    Oct 14, 2007
    Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    I have been bothered for the past year because my car has appeared to be running rich during closed loop operation. I run a 5lb supercharger setup and I figured it was just the VEC causing my issues. After talking with Roe and ordering from Tator we assumed it was the O2 sensors. In my mind they shouldn't of been bad, only 16k miles on the car. Well I installed the sensors a couple weeks ago and reset my PCM. The car instantly starting running much better. Very minimal backfiring, idles at the right afr, cruises at the right afr. The car is just overall significantly improved in performance. So thanks again Sean for helping me identify this issue and thanks Tator for shipping me the sensors fast (even though you threw some yellow slander on the package :) )

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