Viper Specialty will be making a trip to NYC to tackle some tuning/projects!

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Feb 14, 2002
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Cape Coral, FL
It has been suggested by a few members that we make a trip down to NYC for a few days sometime this season for the purpose of doing some on-site flash tuning, and certain types of sales/installations of some of our products. I think this is a good idea given the distance between us and you downstate folks. We would be working with local shops in order to expedite certain parts of the work to be done, as needed.

I am trying to gauge interest in order to figure out how long of a trip this needs to be, and what resources will need to be planned in advance. I wold like to get some feedback from the members as to what type of work they may be interested in, and what volume I may expect while there.

Here are some of the services I plan to offer:

1. Basic SCT Flash Tuning
2. Dyno Corrected SCT Flash Tuning
3. *BASIC* stand-alone ECU correction
4. MYGig Radio Installations for SRT-10 vehicles
5. Tire Pressure Sensor Duplication and/or programming for multiple/replacement wheel set owners
6. Minor product installations for parts sold in advance [if applicable]
7. Dashboard LED Upgrades [SRT-10 only, can be combined w/MyGig]
8. Front/Rear Stone Guard Installs
9. Minor diagnosis/repair/wiring

Any other suggestions of questions?

If possible I would really like to get an idea of the demand, and for which types of work so I can better plan this. Once the details are laid out, committed customers will purchase parts in advance, and be given a "time slot" if needed. Parts will be brought with us in most cases and supplied on-site.