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    ***** you crazy ********, that [******] hilarious. wardouche, if someone gets offended and leaves over one post, well f***em' they can go s**** off on the porsche forum.
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    Looking for high mileage 2001-2002 GTS

    Sounds like he's selling it as is, but needs to be fixed from a little off track excursion.
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    You are given 500k to purchase CARS ONLY. Which cars do you buy?

    ***** new cars, 69' camaro'sss, 70-71 big block E-body mopars. Or SB E-body cars, build hemi 4spd clone and flip them. Or buy an 06' viper, break the diff 6 times, then sue DC and win a judgement of $160k +legal fees for an $80k car. Hey it's been done before, might as well try it again...
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    Accident 405 Southbound

    Hmmm, wonder if it's the paxton SC car that frequents fuddruckers?
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    New Exhaust For Viper SRT 10!!!

    There's a funny *** thread about you on the alley, I highly recommend EVERYONE check it out. :hitfan: :bonker: http://www.v* replace the * with an I and your good to go.
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    70MM TBs wanted!
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    Which CCW's are these?

    Re: Which CCW\'s are these? Darn good photoshop. Is that SW's car?
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    Has anyone installed the CCW........ or just ask John @ ccw, he might be able to put a package deal together for ya.
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    Personalized plate ideas

    Not sure how they got this one through CA but it's the best yet.
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    Rockers on ebay

    Thats an awesome set of rockers but I doubt they will work on stock heads. With a 2.0/1.9 ratio it's very likely you will get massive coilbind, with a chance the valve stem isn't even long enough to accomodate a taller spring. Basically, awesome but completely useless for most people.
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    What is your opinion on Viper window tinting

    Tint ALL the windows, front windshield included but keep that one fairly light. I have yet to see a car that doesn't look better with dark windows.
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    Best way to clean inside of intake manifold?

    Buy yourself some engine cleaning brushes and go to work on it. Just flushing it with liquid won't cut it here. Mix up some soapy water and scrub that thing down inside and out.
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    need an engine management system now

    Yeah I'm not sure where your getting those prices. Even the AEM is something like $3500 for the whole setup, then you get it installed, tuned, etc. and $5k goes real quick. Double that for Motec. Doesn't matter what you plan to do with the car, but how much HP you want to make. A well tuned...
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    CCW SP600

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    installed pics

    Wow the white and grey looks fantastic in a sapphire car. CUP HOLDER! :hitfan:

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