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    WHAT SHE SAID! :D HI JULI! :2tu:
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    where - in your gallery?
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    Lee resigned

    :****: aw nuts, i was laughing so hard i spit dr pepper all over my keyboard!
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    Welcome Dan Everts as new VCA President!

    i agree. my answer too is no.
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    Lee resigned

    resigned. he should have been FIRED, a long time ago, and a few of his friends. shouldnt it atleast say "banned" on Lees his avatar? seriously? if what he has done doesnt qualify as a banning, what does? :dunno:
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    Free Jon B

    Lee is NOT from chicago.
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    Free Jon B

    i might be wrong, but i am guessing Chrysler has better things to do than worry about all this BS.
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    Jalopnik article says it all.

    there are already two that i know of 1. viper alley 2. viper garage quick google search and you can find them
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    Jalopnik article says it all.; target=&quot;_blank&quot;></a>"]http://[/URL]
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    Free Jon B

    there are other reasons, but i can think of two! 1. he was specifically targeted and was always on the radar of a few high-ranking members who were on a lengthy power trip, and who had a bad history with him. 2. two of those members, who also benefited financially from a competing business...
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    Free Jon B

    the re-building process has to start somewhere. :D
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    Free Jon B

    you took the words right out of my mouth. if i added this quote to my signature, would i have to pay you any royalties? :D
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    gen V in original GTS colors

    i cant find it but did anyone hear what the color options would be?
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    2013 Viper Poll

    LOVE IT. its what the gen3 should have looked like. i hear it looks even better in person.
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    Welcome the 2013 SRT Viper GTS

    Love it! Thats what the gen 3 should have looked like!