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    VIPERS in GT5

    I just enjoy driving Vipers in Gran Turismo 5 and I was wondering how close it was of the real thing? And the ACR is awesome (I love the cockpit view :D)
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    Viper buyer's guide need an update

    It's more than a buyer guide, it's a milestone in Viper knowledge. You will find tons of informations about every gen , special editions and all the VCA raffle cars. Sadly it is long out of print....and my dog ate the cover of my copy :-(
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    Viper buyer's guide need an update

    With the end of the gen IV comes the perfect time for an update of M.Maurice Q. Liang's marvelous "VIPER buyer's guide" don't you think?
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    First of all I'm OK

    That's terrible but you're all right and have one **** of a bunch of good fellows.
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    Viper knife anybody?

    :) I received my viper knives today. Very nice items, thank you Jon for your excelent service, as always.:2tu:
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    Help the Washington Viper Club

    Green + sneaky pete is my favourite.
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    An SVS Story - pix

    And ban SVS adverts in Viper mag just like H...
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    An SVS Story - pix

    It would be a good idea to make a black list of incompetent viper tuners to avoid at all cost.
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    An SVS Story - pix

    This is a dreadful story and I'm happy you got back full power in the end, after all this ordeal. How can they ******* around such a nice car? And I don't even talk about the bill. Did they have a problem with hennesey's job on the 650R? Sabotage.
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    Side pipes for GTS

    It sounds as a great deal. Now I will keep a record of this thread.
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    Viper Christmas tree ornaments..... pic

    :mad: Not fair, we're all Viper enthusiast.:D Nice fishing boat you got here, equiped for some serious business.:D
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    Pictures from LA Auto Show

    The reventon is just the perfect embodiement of my passion for sport cars and american jet fighters. I like the stealth design it share with the F-22 Raptor. Poseur or race track queen? I don't care, it's just beautyfully outrageous.
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    Viper Christmas tree ornaments..... pic

    One pete, one fang for me. Express shipping cost are so expensive nowaday, even for free but very heavy items. lol
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    Viper Key

    Nice christmax present.:)