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    UK TT GTS for sale

    The thrill for me is all the work. I love it so now need another challenge..................................Carl
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    Another Viper victory (with pics)

    Thanks for all your kind words Guys! I am very encouraged with how the car is running. This was the second time out and we have not done any testing before these events. These runs are at 12lbs of boost running pump fuel and conservative timing. The rebuilt trans has stood up very well...
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    The Build has Finally started.....Pics...

    I have a brand new set of ten diamond pistons for a cream puff if anyone needs them??? Carl
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    wanted GTS shocks

    I got 3 Back one is tossed as I dented it trying to get it out of the rear bracket
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    The Build has Finally started.....Pics...

    lets have some of the pics on here of our epic build!!
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    Any of you guys in Vegas

    OK so here we have it!! We arrive on the 10th August Stay on the 11th August Stay on the 12th August Return on the 22nd August Stay on the23rd August Fly out on the 24th August Carl
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    Any of you guys in Vegas

    I will be on vacation in August an was interested in a get together with some of you guys!!???? Carl
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    Twin Turbo Viper in the UK

    Fantastic day today!!!!!!! Got the Car washed too I am on my way with all this now Carl
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    It Lives!!!!

    sleeping and living too!
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    It Lives!!!!

    Should be out on the drive way by next weekend Oh to get all that dust off of it!! 1st time the hood has been closed in 18 months too! Carl
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    Thoughts On Hard Shifting And A Possible Cure?

    Could your clutch be dragging?? Carl

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