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    A&C Peformance offers Exceptional Service and Quality.

    A&C Performance offers Exceptional Service and Quality. It all started back in the spring of 2011. I had posted a question about what mods would be best for my car in regards to headers, rockers, tune and just in general while keeping my car N/A. Todd from A&C saw my post and sent me a private...
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    Oh c'mon, you have to be kidding me...

    Same here. If you leave the car alone without driving it at all, 4 or 5 days tops it will last; even less in the winter months. Also, I believe our cars have a Generator, not an Alternator.
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    Belanger Exhaust anyone?

    Awesome, I'll have to check that out. Thank you!
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    Belanger Exhaust anyone?

    Hey man, I've heard of car capsules before, but is that something different that you pulled your car into? I'll have to look it up later when I'm out of work, but do you know a good site that sells them or remember at all how much you paid for that specific one? It looks very nice. Is there a...
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    Veyron Super Sport is testing the Nurburgring...

    You can't possibly be serious? It's one thing to not like a car, but I highly doubt you or anyone for that matter would prefer to "roll in a Mustang" over this.. You're full of ****!!!! :rolleyes:
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    Traded my Viper yesterday...

    I would never sell my Viper for a Challenger, but IMHO hands down it is THE BEST looking retro muscle car in the bunch(Mustang, Camaro, Charger etc.,) and I would love to have one :) There are actually two Challengers parked outside of my work right now, both black too. Except one is the SRT...
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    Clogged High Flow Cat

    My car is currently getting a bunch of things installed at A&C, and in the process my Random Tech High Flow cats are going to be removed too. My full exhaust will be American Racing Headers, straight pipes, and Corsa. Can't wait to get the car back and hear how it sounds!
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    If You Had to Dump Your Viper...What Car Would You Get?

    I'm never selling mine, and I really couldn't decide on anything else that I would rather have than my car for the money range; especially since everything I like is not a daily driver.. I like what's NOT practical. :D I guess, if I had to choose something that I could realistically afford...
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    Michelin PS2/PSS VS Nitto Invo!

    Thanks Paul, I spoke with Todd last week in regards to my car and he said both front tires weren't that good, and there was a nail in one of the rears. So he mentioned I should just replace all four. So I guess that's the route I have to take now..
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    Need advice PLEASE - considering Gen 2 purchase

    You will not be disapointed. The GEN 2 is a classic! It's beyound words how perfect the lines are on the GTS; it's a beauty! :)
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    B&M Short Throw Shifter

    Ya, from what I heard the MGW Shifter only fits years 03-10. I was told it could be installed in the GEN I's and II's too, but you'd have to modify the ashtray area for it to fit.
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    B&M Short Throw Shifter

    Thanks KNG Tony, I called Tator over a month ago and he had none. JonB also had none, and I think Todd at A&C where my car is right now only has Hurst; but my new MGW Gripper Shift **** won't fit those. I might just leave the stock shifter, but figured I'd see if I could find a brand new B&M...
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    B&M Short Throw Shifter

    As I'm sure most of you already know they've been discontinued, so extremely hard to find. If it's actually possible and anyone knows where I can get a set, please PM me. Thanks! -Anthony
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    Viper Cosmetics!

    Will do. I'm still waiting to hear back in regards to the modifications I requested. I believe he is forwarding my emails to the company who makes them.
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    Viper Cosmetics!

    Matt, did you see them on here? If you scroll down, Blue Batmobile posted two pictures of his car with rear turn signals redded out. I wonder if...

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