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    Fitted Cover for Gen 2 GTS Wanted

    Good afternoon all, It's been quite some time since I have been active on here, predominantly due to having sold my GTS a few years back now, which I understand has now made it's way to France from the UK. I have retained a substantial amount of memorabilia, models and quite a few parts, as I...
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    Just a Picture...

    Very Nice!
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    GEN 2 Owners - Do you Wanna Go FAST?

    Liking the look of that! :2tu:
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    VOI 11 products

    My shirt has arrived... Thankyou!
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    VOI 11 products

    Thank you, very much for looking into this for me, it is highly appreciated. :2tu: All the best Dave
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    My Vooodoo ACR... a WOODHOUSE creation.

    Good lord! That is nothing short of pornographic! I love it! VERY NICE! ENJOY!
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    The first Viper you ever saw

    First Viper I ever saw in the flesh was at the London Motorshow, on a stand, in 1995 (I think) it was a Gen1.5 Red with Yellow Wheels (McViper)... I had already seen and fallen in love with pictures I had seen for years and seeing one up close and personal had me in nothing short of ****... I...
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    VOI 11 products

    I ordered a T-shirt on October 28th once the shipping/postage had been sorted, but I am yet to receive it and the order status is purely showing as Payment Received, with no Tracking Number for postage. There are no Contact Details on the VOI site, in order for me to get in contact with...
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    Need a pic of a red Gen 2 RT w/red calipers

    Nobody panic... Just had a look, figured it was unlikely we would have done it wrong... Looks like EBC discs are suggested to go that way round
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    Need a pic of a red Gen 2 RT w/red calipers

    Yep, you are right first time... Baz Re the other comment... Yeah, didn't realise that til I came to fit the Stoptechs on the GTS... Oops!
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    Need a pic of a red Gen 2 RT w/red calipers

    Just found this pic whilst putting the others up... Can you guess who this is? :D
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    Need a pic of a red Gen 2 RT w/red calipers

    Hi Chad, I had Red powdercoated calipers on my GenI... Here's a couple of pics, they were under stock 5 spokes, also had Tom's Red Covers on the rear... Went down this route on the GTS... AWESOME Difference!
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    VOI 11 products

    I just attempted to order a T-shirt via the VOI11 site but was quoted $82+ for delivery to the UK, which seems ridiculously high to me... :omg: Y2K5SRT YHM (PM)
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    VCA Canada Edition Gen IV....only 5 built!!

    I like that alot... Very Nice!
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    I need some good "Sneaky Pete" pics

    Google is your friend... ;) viper emblem - Google Search