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    GEN2 Supercharger Xmas Specials by A&C Performance !

    That is one **** of a deal. I paid close to 12K for my blower, install and dyno tuning for my Gen1.
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    Raffle car

    Maybe the individual who bought the raffle ticket didn't realize they had to pay the tax on the car. Maybe they couldn't afford to pay the tax. Didn't have the money. Counldn't get a loan. Maybe they needed a new furnace/AC/windows for their house and had to spend the money on that(we just did...
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    Apology to Ralph Gilles

    Well said Tony and I agree with most everything you said but most people have short memories. Does anybody remember what Mr. JonB did and why exactly he was banned? A lot of people have been talking about being bullied by the higher-ups at the VCA but isn't what Jon did bullying as well? Don't...
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    Wow no Roe Superchargers for sale anywhere huh?

    Sean does great work and I am not knocking him but Paxton makes blowers for the Gen1 as well and they probably have them in stock. Are you guys just loyal to Sean? That's cool if you are but there are other options out there. Just saying.
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    Vendor Ethics

    I wanna know the Vendor who tried to do this.
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    So I won the ACR

    Lucky sumbitch! Winning 2 ACR'S four years apart, what luck. Oh wait..........................................
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    Any members or dealers selling a LOW mile ACR (preferred striped)?

    Pay attention people.......please!! He said "low" mileage and even has low twice and posted in the Gen2 section not the gen4.
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    ALL Corvette Owners secretly want to do this!

    And the strangest thing...............................there are 12 bids!!!!!!
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    Hidden "HISSSSSS!!" sticker found in my 1994

    My 94 had stuff written all over it, especially noticeable on the underside. Kind of cool!
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    Gen 2 owners with cooling issues step inside...this may help you.

    Wow Darren, looks like I sold you that car just in time!! What a relief. :-) JK BTW, gettin' closer to my next toy........................................?
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    2000 Steel Grey GTS for Sale

    Anybody have 39K laying around they want to give me until this house sells?
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    2000 Steel Grey GTS for Sale

    As many of you know, I am in the market for another SG/SS but cannot pull the trigger yet, am waiting for a house to sell that we own. Maybe it will sell tomorrow!!!! Being Viperless kinda sux!!
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    Third time on the dyno.

    Great #'s Darren and good looking car!! Sure looks familiar. Oh, and by the time you make a video and post it here, PLEASE don't ruin it by showing your ugly mug! :D:****: Did you get my text the other day?
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    Does anybody know about this Arizona Viper?

    I have been watching this one as well, seems like a nice ACR but like others have said, get it looked at first. Also, the ad says 1 of 30 when it is actually 1 of 34. Small potatoes but if the seller doesn't know his own car, that is even more reason to be a tad suspicious, just my .03 cents.
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    HELP!! identify this internal engine part

    Marilyn Manson's fingernails??!! :dunno:

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