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    no more viper (no more sports car for me)

    Really sorry to hear. Guys, enjoy your cars while you still can. No sense in keeping it a garage queen for someone else to enjoy later. On a serious side note, the S550 seems like a nice car. But go test drive a GT-R. It's easy to get in and out of, you sit up high, plenty of interior room...
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    Possible 2016 Supercharged

    I heard straight from Ralph Gilles mouth that the superchargers are an in-house Arrow Racing experiment not related to the production Viper. He said he couldn't talk about any bump in HP in the production line. Likely the Arrow superchargers will be a aftermarket upgrade you can purchase, but...
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    What is a Gen 1 soft top / windows worth?

    Yeah, the most you'd get is maybe $1000 for the top and curtains. Keep them with the car. What I can't figure out is why you would sell your rear glass window. Are you replacing the whole skycap?
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    Electrical gremlin caused car to stall out-ABS + Parking brake light on-stereo dies -

    Re: Electrical gremlin caused car to stall out-ABS + Parking brake light on-stereo di Honestly, Optima batteries are like modern BMW's, they are over-rated. Ditch the Optima, unless it's under warranty. I've had success with Autozone Gold series Batteries but anything around $130 will be a...
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    Thinking of selling my 2000 RT/10 104,800 miles... whats a good price?

    Dude, why did you drive it so much? It belongs in the garage, collecting dust, not on the road.
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    Need opinions fast!!!! Color combos on 2 viper gts help

    Once you go black there's no going back. I hate cleaning black cars though. But gunmetal is easier to hide dust.
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    Another Viper fatality

    I doubt excessive speed was the issue, it's hard enough to drive at the speed limit in the rain in these things. Likely the tires were old and it is so easy to hydro-plane GEN1-2's. I have video of losing complete control of my GEN1 on a damp track and spun off the track, fortunately unscathed...
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    Used Vipers will take a hit!

    I doubt this will affect the already rock bottom prices of GEN1+2's. Many have been wrecked and they are getting scarcer every year. There's probably less than 4000 GEN1's left and 6000 GEN2's left in existence. There were more Gallardos made than that.
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    Holy ****...Dodge just announced great incentives to spur sales

    Dang, this is amazing news. I wonder if 2013's can be had for like $75k if the dealers want to dump them. My 1998 GTS stickered for close to $75k after the gas guzzler tax. This will help with those on the fence for a Z06.
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    2013 gts

    I've seen some GTS's go for $95k but not much less. Getting one for less would either mean it was a lemon buyback or the dealer took a HUGE hit.
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    2014 C&D VIR Lightning Lap Results...Viper TA delivers!

    But it does! No better time to be a car fanatic than now. Manufacturers are doing things on production cars we only dreamed of 10 years ago. N-Attack is a full production car. ACR is a full production car. Z07 package is a full production car. These are street legal factory track cars.
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    2014 C&D VIR Lightning Lap Results...Viper TA delivers!

    Wrong again. For $180+k (don't know final price) you order it exactly like the one that did the Ring, with a full warranty and emissions legal just like the one that did the Ring. The only option to the N-Attack is the titanium exhaust. There's a lot of misinformation out there. The N-Attack...
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    Gen two soft clutch

    It's your slave cylinder. Take it to **** Scott Dodge. Ask for Ron, the Viper tech.****-Scott-Dodge-still-has-Ron
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    2014 C&D VIR Lightning Lap Results...Viper TA delivers!

    The computer tweak was for the actual full 600HP. Previously the Nismo was to be 591hp. All the stuff you mentioned is included in the N Attack package, even the gurney flap. The car is real and the N Attack package includes everything that was at the Nurburgring, and then some. Remember, that...