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    Caffeine and Carburetors

    See you guys there. My buddy will also be taking his new c7. Mike
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    11th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Pound Ridge Car Show!

    Looking forward to Saturday, will see you there. Mike & Beth
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    Any S2000 owners ever look back?

    King, I have previously leased S2000's, both AP1 and AP2 versions: 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008. There is a reason I had four in a row. It is a great car for what it is. I loved the cars which I used as my daily drivers. Bullet-proof reliability, and engineered to run at 8k+ RPMs all day...
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    10th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Car Show, September 15th 2012

    Chuck, Beth and I will be there - see you early Saturday. Mike T
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    Thanks Chuck - great job fixing Gen3 clutch problem

    At only 8k miles on my '03, I was experiencing a shifting problem. When vehicle was driven normally, it required more effort than you'd expect to change gears. It was the last 1/4 inch of shifter movement into gear that actually required muscle-obviously not good. Chuck took a look and...
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    June 23rd Night and 1st & 10, Details?

    Hi guys- depending on my progress with my errand list today, I've got a 50/50 shot of catching you directly at Sycamore. Dying to take a drive, my car hasn't moved in almost 3 weeks. Take care, Mike
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    Gen 3 exhaust - high flow cats?

    Believe me when I tell you I've tried the search function for this one... but to no avail. I've been an owner for a couple of years, and as you can see, I've been posting like there's no tomorrow. I think this is #3. I have a completely stock '03 with 6k miles and looking to minimally put...
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    Thanks to Jon B and Chuck Tator

    I recently ordered a set of Kumho tires from Jon B to replace the original (dried out!) set of run flats with only 4k miles on them on my '03. Chuck said the runflats might make a good base for a coffee table, but he still wouldn't trust them - and I think he's right. Thanks Jon B for...
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    Trickle Charger

    I snake my battery tender cables right through the rear bumper, directly to the terminals. Slide one shoulder under the car, and clip them on- it's a piece of cake! :) Mike
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    '04 SRT-10 Power Steering Leak

    Chaos, I bought my '03 in August with only 2600miles on it. I noticed it was leaking during my pre-purchase inspection of it-a few drops of fluid landing on the a/c compressor below. The dealer gave me an allowance to get it fixed. I figured since it was sitting so long with little use, that...
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    I love stock Gen III's now...

    Wow Viper GTSR - That is an awesome shot of the red srt10. I'd love to have a copy! Mine is a red '03 and the best picture I have is a bad cell phone shot. Mike T:)
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    Tator's Tech Session for NY/CT & NE Regions Oct. 16th

    Chuck and Rob, Enjoyed the day. I know we all appreciated your time and hospitality. It was great getting to know everyone. No doubt, definitely the best deviled eggs I've ever had! Like I said Chuck, you missed your calling, put down the wrench and pick up a whisk - forget about the...
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    Tator's Tech Session for NY/CT & NE Regions Oct. 16th

    Chuck, I'm looking forward to being there. See you then. Mike :)
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    Cant say enough about Chuck

    I just met Chuck within the last month when I purchased my '03 with <3k miles, talking with him by phone three times. He didn't have a nickel of my money, yet he invested time and gave me terrific advice of what to look for in the pre-purchase inspection of my car. Thank God I'm only 50...
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    New owner intro

    FastandLoud- Yes- I'm in the Red Venom crowd. You'll notice a second red vehicle in the picture (and you can't see) also a red truck in my driveway! I must admit, while your grey one may be slightly slower 0-60, there's never been a bad Viper color produced. LOL! Yours looks great! Mike T