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    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    Except for rejoining every year, or pulling some How To info off of here for a banned friend, it's been over 2.5 years since I've come to this forum. I don't feel I've missed anything at all. I've been a MCVO member since 3/2000. The input back from members to the MCVO board so far has...
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    Vipair, Upgrade or Gimmick?

    I added this to the infamous Vipair thread last year. Dave's explanation is good. Static conditions will have a more minimal effect...but I still showed some lower IAT readings at idle. It only makes sense to me that reducing / restricting the amount of hot air coming into the engine...
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    Will I Notice Difference with T&D 1.7 RR's?

    I'm guessing there are many who don't have a pocketful of cash to do it all at once I did Belanger headers and Belanger 3" exhaust 90K miles ago. Picked up about 30-35HP. I did it as much for the sound as the power pick up. Next came the Fidanza flywheel 65K miles ago Then I put a Unitrax...
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    2010 Northern Michigan Wine Tour

    We 2nd all of the above! We may be the only ones to have attended all 10 wine tours. Like fine wine, they get better with age! Once again, the Viper was the catalyst for good friends (and new friends) to get together. Thanks again Frank & Kim! Steve & Sue
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    Headers... whos got the best sounding?

    Headers alone do not produce the sound coming out the back. We have two Belangered headered cars. They sound vastly different from each other. One has the full Belanger exhaust which uses Dynomax 3" Race Bullet mufflers. This car has a deep rumble. The other car has the 3" Corsa exhaust...
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    Using a Viper in a parade.

    We've been in over 60 parades...most all of them a few miles long with hills...and all of them stop and go with many floats and walking people. ......Have ridden a couple of girls on the sport bar several times as well in the parades. We've never had an issue with overheating in 85 -90...
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    Custom interior - should I use Venzano?

    While I'm sure there are fine leather people around the country, I believe Tony Spampinato is at the top of the pile when it comes to Viper interiors. It's what he does! Our console is Venzano padded as well. I believe we have the only car he's done so far with the leather Sneaky Pete in...
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    Woodward Dream Cruise Week

    We give a big second to all the above! Thank you to our hosts, Jess and Maureen, and all involved with making another very successful Dream Cruise. ....On to the Wine Tour we hope. Steve & Sue
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    Amsoil Oil Change - Mopar oil filter

    Amsoil for over 95,000 miles. Been using the 0W-30 since it came out. I don't remember the year. I use Amsoil filters as well. I think either Wix or Donaldson makes them. Steve
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    2001 ACR Shock Replacement

    I'd be curious to know if a standard Monroe type shock would bolt up on there. Is there a way to cross reference the Viper shock to generic brands? Steve
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    Mount & Balance 4 VIper tires - $250.00???

    That's a little bit over the top with the stereotype. I've had many sets of tires changed at the same place for many years. It was $50 bucks for all four including the old tire disposal last time. Maybe it would be a tad higher now, but not much. I had a slow leak in the LR this spring. It...
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    Voi 11 Web Site Meeting

    Correction. I will not be there
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    Tire age???

    Michelin warranties tires for 6 least they did when i called them about it several years ago. There should be absolutely no issue with tires a year old from the date of manufacture. The only way this could possibly impact you would be if your car is a garage queen and you won't...
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    Timing cover gasket replacement write up

    I did this 3 years ago. I don't remember the exact detail, but do remember a couple things. We did it at my mechanics garage on a lift (highly recommended). My records show about 6 hours. I was the assistant. If you're crank is pinned....put the pin in after the crank seal is in. We made...
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    Timing cover gasket replacement write up

    These are both Dodge sites you're referencing. I was referring to Ford, Cadillac, SAAB, VW, Honda, Infiniti. With the potential exception of personal storage space, those sites offer just as much technology as least all that I need or would use. I believe this site is pretty much...

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