2001 Viper GTS Dyno Pull with minor bolt-ons :) (vid+pic of results)---

Discussion in 'Dyno Results' started by alwayscode390, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. alwayscode390

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    Jun 10, 2012
    Dyno Sheet:


    Video of the pull:


    I just got this car 3 weeks ago ... and decided I should get a Dyno Pull going so I can make sure its running well with the few modifications that I have found on it. I bought it from a dealer that said it was "stock minus the wheels" HAHAH.


    *Smooth Tubes
    *Full Corsa 3" exhaust with High Flow Cats
    *3.73 Rear Gears
    *Dyno Tune
    *20" HRE Wheels with 345/25/20 tires

    It was 94 Degrees in the room ... OUCH!!!

    Results were 425 hp / 460 tq @ the WHEELS, which is about 500 hp / 540 tq @ the ENGINE.

    A/F Average was 12.27 ... is that pretty typical and normal (SAFE?) for a Naturally Aspirated Engine?

    A/F Ratios seems constant, the runs were consistant, and I got the power I was HOPING for ... so I am a happy camper.

    What type of 1/4 mile times should I be able to see with this kind of power? Is it enough that on a perfect run I can dip into the 11's? ( 11.99? ).

    It lopes pretty good ... are they like that stock? Could it be the tune ... or maybe a cam? I can post a vid of it idling if that would help ... or would it put out more power if it was a cam upgrade?

    Thanks for the comments and for looking!!! :) ---
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  2. alwayscode390

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    Jun 10, 2012
    Im thinking I am losing a few horspower /torque numbers with the 20" wheels, the 3.73 gears, and the heat ... but considering all those things I am still pushing respectable numbers, right? ---
  3. ericj96

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Atlanta Georgia
    I am shocked no one has replied to your post.

    2001 vipers on average pull about 405-410 RWHP bone stock and 435-450 RWT.

    Your mods list is
    Smooth tubes (and filter I assume) = 6-10 RWHP
    Cat Back Exahust 10-15 RWHP
    No Cats is about 7-10 RWHP but you list high flow cats so about 4-6 RWHP is typical.
    Tune is is worth none to a great deal depending on how close your timing and A/F was to perefect to start with. 12.25 AF is OK. 12.5-13.0 is better if you want every little bit of HP out of your motor.

    Your gears net out about 13% higher than stock ratio when you count tire diameter and gears as a whole. You are down on the dyno some as a result but its not much maybe 5 RWHP.

    My best guess after performing all the mods you have listed on my car less the gears is:

    Base = 405
    tubes & flilters = 8
    cat back = 12
    HF cats = 4
    Total should be about 405+ 8 + 12+ 4 = 429 rwhp less some loss for gears makes 425 about right.

    Your car is pulling to its full potential so your tune must be pretty good as is.

    Best Wishes
  4. plumcrazy

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    Jun 9, 2003
    with the wheels and gears, its a strong number
  5. Zentenk

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    Oct 3, 2009
    Saw this vid while going through Youtube, good stuff.

    Got anything planned for it? You could get to 11's with a good run... I almost made it to 11's with K&N and straight pipes (no cat/muffler).
  6. Roysviper

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    Oct 10, 2007
    My BONE STOCK 1997 GTS dynoed 423 rwhp and 469 rwtq......as it came from the factory......it only ran 7.80s 1/8 mi with a 1.90 60' and 12.29 1/4 mi with the factory Michlins.....with some slicks I am sure it would have busted the high 11s....but I never raced it with slicks.....I raced it as it came of the showroom floor. I had that viper the longest ever....I had it seven years....raced it a lot at the track......NEVER broke anything....drive there...drive home and put almost 60,000 mi on it and did nothing but change the oil every 3000 mi and had a blast with it.....when I sold it it still looked new and no one could believe it had that many miles on it or that it was as old as a 1997....... ENJOY your Viper....take care of it and it will take care of you.....but that stock horsepower Viper will get away from you in a New York minute.....RESPECT it......put some M/T street radials on it and it will run high 11s with no problem yet be 100 % street drivable.......


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