2006 Coupe-Low Tire Pressure

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  1. Jason

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    Hey guys, I did a search and wasn't able to find exactly what information I needed.

    I have the correct tire pressure in my tires however I am getting the annoying beeping noise/warning on display about low tires pressure. So it has to be a bad sensor as they are the original that came in the car.

    My question: Would autozone be able to pull a code to tell me what specific TPS is bad or am I going to have to take it to the dealer?

  2. Steve-Indy

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    Any tire shop should be able to tell you if the sensors are working. Likely that you have a dead battery...probably need all 4 replaced. Dealer will need to program new ones for you unless you get someone to clone old ones.
  3. MoparMap

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    Jan 7, 2013
    Yeah, I took my car to the local Discount Tire up the street from me and had them pull the codes so I could program new sensors. Dorman makes a set with a programmer that lets you clone them. I got a second set of rims for track duty and my parents got me a full sensor set for Christmas. I think my stock rims have finally given up the ghost though as I have a steady "Lo Tire" message on my dash and a single chime when I start the car. They are over 13 years old with 117,000 miles though, so I've been impressed they made it this long. The clone sensors aren't too expensive either, I think something like $30-40 each. The programmer is maybe $150. I think you can get a kit with 4 sensors and the programmer for $250 or something like that. Check the Dorman site and put in your car year and it should tell you which sensors will work. There are two main ones out there, the only difference being what frequency they transmit on. I think it's 350 MHz and 433 MHz or something like that.

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