Awesome Remote Tuning / Great Tech Support


Oct 15, 2009
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Houston, TX
Looking for a vendor/tuner/tech support? Look no further. A&C Performance has it all.

My experience:

A&C Performance was my one stop shop for my Naturally Aspirated heads/cam setup. I spoke with Todd at the onset of my build, and he knew exactly where I was going and what it was going to take. He provided a complete parts list at very competitive pricing. Todd served as my mentor during my build and always made time to address my long winded inquiries (even on weekends, and late nights.....sorry Todd)

After the mechanical bits were suited up, then came the remote tuning. Todd provided a nice safe baseline tune for me to drive around and log data. I provided inputs, and Todd would return small conservative changes. After multiple iterations, the tune was finessed to produce a whooping 643whp and 606wtq (on 93oct of course). Those results represent one of the highest (or the highest ) naturally aspirated builds on a stock short block. If you are not into dyno racing, then look at my standing mile trap speed as it also represents the fastest naturally aspirated Viper in a standing mile (191.5mph).

Thanks again for the great customer support and advise on my build.

More info on my heads/cam setup can be found here: