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Dec 1, 2010
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A while ago I made post, looking for a new clutch for my gen 4. Ended up going with BBG clutch. Chose that over other cause toddy is the most helpfull understanding and patient guy I have ever worked with. This guy gave me all the time I needed and answered all questions I had. And once you take a look at that system he has you are sold for the quality and the craftsman ship, not only for that but the intake manifold looked amazing! . Drove there and made it on a Sunday and he still took time off to see me open the garage show me around and help me with transportation to the airport. The customar care that he shows is way beyond what I have ever seen before, and the love that guy has for vipers is unbelievable. Took off not even having second thoughts or doubts about the outcome of the work is. A few days later calls me up explains what he has done and updates me without me calling. I was so impressed I called toddy back asking about the ported intake manifold he has and told me he can still fit that in his schedule. Long story short I ended up doing the BBG clutch , the ported intake manifold, and polished 3.55 gears. Toddy is an amazing person with a great personality. But the care he has for the vipers he works on is unbelievable. I really have to thank him for the amazing care he took of the car from washing it , checking all lines, tightining loose bolts, giving me a brand new car with An amazing and FAST setup.

Thanks again toddy

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