Flasher/Turn Signal issues...Anyone?

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    Dec 23, 2017
    To start it's '03 convertible. No matter what I do it seems that i cannot prevent this thing from blowing fuses. Things I have accomplished:

    1) Verified all bulbs were the correct ones from the factory. There are no LED's

    2) Removed multi-function switch, disassembled and cleaned all the oxidation from all contacts (there was a lot)

    3)Disconnected all four corners, multi-function switch, gauge cluster and 40(+) pin connector in the drivers foot well right behind the foot rest. Tested for grounds on all the individual circuits and from al 7 ends of the harness once disconnected. No grounds at all

    4) Removed flasher relay and opened it up too look for obvious stuff like corrosion, burn spots etc.. no visible issues there. The resistance bar and all internals looked brand new.

    There are very few modifications to this car and I have hand over hand traced out the wiring to verify that they do not connect to the circuit... Mods include Paxton Novi 2000 and a rear view mirror with compass,temp, dimming, and home-link. None of which attach to anything in the marker/flasher circuit.

    After cleaning out the multi-function switch assembly and re-installing it I plugged in the connector on the left that controls all light functions and left all four corners unplugged and firewall connector still connected. I depressed the hazard switch and the lights in the gauge cluster flashed appropriately so I turned it off and plugged in each corner separately, turning the flashers off before each connection. I had placed a 10amp fuse in circuit since i had 100's of them. All the turn signals lasted for 3-4 days. I went back out one morning to go to the store, started the engine, turned the lights on and hit the flashers for pre-flight checks... and the fuse blew.

    I have tried putting a 20amp, 25amp fuse in the fuse blox just to see if they would hold and they would blow just as quick as the 15amp. Oddly enough i have a 20amp fuse in the circuit now and have had no problems as of now (just today's driving). I cannot seem to re-create any conditions that cause it to blow.

    My initial thoughts of a ground from something installed improperly or bare wires has proved to not be the issue. I am left with just a little bit of electrical theory to justify the problem and that dealing with load, resistance and heat through the multi-function switch and flasher load relay.The only other possible issue is the actual ground wires from the harness to the chassis. I could use some help locating all of them. I know of one below and just forward of the fuse box and it is in good condition. All ground wires from harness to ground show initial resistance of .03 ohms and to 0 which is the same as when I connect my leads together.

    FYI....I filled up the blinker fluid and topped off the turn signal oil... so no need in reminding me.
    Other than that thanks in advance for any help.

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