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Discussion in 'RT/10 and GTS Discussions' started by Dr Roof, May 1, 2004.

  1. Dr Roof

    Dr Roof Enthusiast

    Jan 22, 2002
    Louisville, KY usa
    just got in from the weekend with Hot ROd Magazine 50 fastest street cars Pump Gas Drags. this was a great event! it was good to do something that I could just race and hang out!

    there were some really fast cars there and the Viper was out matched! Tom Welch and Myself Gave it our best shot.

    I will let Tom describe his experience.

    we started with a 33 mile Cruise in Rush hour traffic and from red Light to red Light. sometimes waiting for 2-3 light cycles. A couple of cars were stranded on the roadside! me and Tom was in good shape even had the AC on. we finish the cruise into the drag strip with folks lined up everywhere. this was an exciting entrance! people were definitely in Love with the VIPERS!!

    we had 30 minutes to cool down in the stagging lanes (No hoods open) and we ran single file.

    my first pass I ran a 10.2
    Second Pass I ran a 10.1
    Third Pass I ran a 10.0

    I just could not get the car in the 9's. Not sure if it was the heat or what but I had a great time. I missed the top Ten by a couple of tenth's. That was our goal but we came up short.

    One thing is for sure. THE VIPER WAS THE REAL HEAD TURNER. I wish we could have showed the country what these cars are capable of. NEXT TIME WE WILL SHINE!!!

    Big thanks to Doug Levin for coming out and supporting me. he stagged me in and gave some Advice. took care of tire pressure and took the cruise with me. This car ran flawlessly and has continued to keep a smile on my face! Thanks DOug.

    Great seeing Tom and his Wife and his boys Lee and Joe Saunders as well.
  2. nohsreg2000

    nohsreg2000 Viper Owner

    Jan 10, 2004
    Could you Tell us a little about some of the other cars and what they ran? Or, If you would make a post over at ViperALLLey about this.

    Congrats, I am happy you had a good time.
  3. jkracer9

    jkracer9 Enthusiast

    Dec 28, 2001
    Cypress, Tx.
    What was the top ET's and what type of cars. If you lost it couldn't have been by much or could it?

    Must have been a blast to compete with all the other cars.
  4. Dr Roof

    Dr Roof Enthusiast

    Jan 22, 2002
    Louisville, KY usa
    There were alot of Hemi cars in the top Ten.

    also a Turbo Nova that was sick but it ran out of gas the last pass or he would have been the overall winner.

    I would say this that the Vipers and a couple of F-body's where the only cars that had true street trim.

    stock seats

    cars where like this
    one C-5 ran high 11's
    4 f- body's
    several Mustangs
    2 vipers
    mostly muscle cars

    Low et was a low 9

    I think the winner average was like 9.56 or something (not 100%)

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