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Manchester Homecoming Parade

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by RX VIPER, Sep 2, 2010.


    RX VIPER Enthusiast

    Nov 15, 2002
    Chesterfield, MO
    We've been invited once again to cruise in the annual Manchester Homecoming Parade on Saturday, Sept 11th. The parade starts at 9:00, but we need to meet early to line up. Please meet at the Office Depot (79 Nationalway 63011) on the southwest corner of Manchester Rd. and Hwy 141 at 7:45am. We will proceed at 8:00 to the parade staging area. There is a new route this year. There is only one short hill that we go up, the rest is fairly flat or downhill. Usually takes about 1-1/2 hrs. I highly encourage you to bring candy to throw to the kids along the route. This is a shine or overcast event.

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