Technical Service Bulletin - Fuel Cell Bladder Update

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    NUMBER 07 - 9

    Date: November 7, 2007

    Subject: Fuel Cell Bladder Expiration and Renewal Procedure

    It has come to the attention of Dodge Motorsports that the first 60 Viper Competition Coupe builds (C1-C60) have expiring fuel cell bladders that must now be updated. Each fuel cell bladder is initially certified for 5 years. When this period is up, the old bladder needs to be replaced with a new certified bladder that will give the cell another 5 years of eligibility in competition. Customers with chassis numbers C1-C39 will need to replace their bladders before the race season next year. Customers with chassis numbers C40-C60 need to open the tops of their fuel cells, and look for the certification number and date on the top of the bladder. If the date on the bladder is April ’03 or prior, the bladder needs to be replaced this off-season to be eligible for competition in 2008. The attached pictures show the fuel cell bladder and where to locate the certification number and build date.

    Dodge Motorsports is working with FuelSafe to provide the customer with a fuel cell update kit. These kits will include a new bladder, gaskets, and foam and can be purchased through Tom Francis at Viper Race Headquarters, 888-960-3333. Please reference part number P5154713 – Fuel Cell Bladder Update Kit when ordering.

    During the ‘04/’05 season, some racing teams may have used a different type of fuel that would separate in clear fuel jugs if left sitting too long. Since the fuel cell will already be open, this would be a good opportunity to check the condition of the fuel module filter. If you need to order a new fuel module filter, please reference part number P5153016. Please contact Sean Gaffney at [email protected] with any questions regarding the above issues.

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